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Category: Business Plan

Subcategory: Management

Level: Academic

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Imperial College Doha Diabetes Center Business Plan
Students’ Names
Institutional Affiliation
Imperial College Doha Diabetes Center Business Plan
Executive Summary
The Opportunity
Opening a diabetic medical hospital branch in Doha presents the Imperial college with new opportunities across the gulf region. The Imperial college already has two branches in the United Arab Emirates, In Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi. Doha presents a new opportunity to extend its vision beyond the borders of the UAE and give the college an opportunity to be the leading diabetic medical institution in the Gulf region.
The industry
The diabetic industry Qatar already has established medical institutions that deal with diabetes. For instance the diabetic center in Doha is among the leading diabetic medical institutions in the gulf region. Imperial college enters an industry with top competition from such institutions, but a market niche with the growing number of diabetic patients in the region.
The company
The imperial college diabetic center was founded in 2006 with a vision of establishing itself as the leading diabetic institution in UAE and in the gulf region. Education and research are the leading pillars of the institution and it depends on these departments to ensure high quality services.
Industry Analysis/ Market Analysis
Industry size/ growth rate/ structure
The industry in which the Imperial college of Diabetes plans to enter into an established industry with top diabetic medical institutions such as the diabetic center and the Hamad Hospital.
Porter’s five forces
Threat of new entrants
The Imperial college does not really face a big threat of new entrants in the diabetic industry. However, existing medical institutions are starting to establish diabetic wings to care for the patients requiring diabetic attention. For instance, the Hamad Hospital.
Threat of substitute products
The only threat to diabetic medical institutions is natural medications and herbal clinics. In Doha, herbal clinics that deal with the diabetic condition have not established themselves to an extent of competing with the established medical institutions.
Bargaining power of customers
Patients do not have several established diabetic institutions and, therefore, prices are determined by the quality of services and the hospitals.
Bargaining power of suppliers
Diabetic medical supplies are readily available. However, with the increase in diabetic patients, the supplies need to be increased.
Intensity of competitive rivalry
Presently, the increasing patient numbers ensure that the level of competition remains relatively low. The present facilities are continually opening up new branches to cater for the increasing demand for the services.
Market segmentation/ Target Market
Changing lifestyles and increasing prevalence of the diabetic conditions, especially for the older make them a target market for the diabetic medical services.
Market Growth
The diabetic medical services need is poised to grow as the diabetic condition becomes more prevalent in the gulf region.
SWOT analysis
Customized customer service for patients
Internal lab testing (fast)
Providing special catering serving healthy food
Expensive to build
Training staff (outside)
First in Qatar
Large number of patients
Serve the gcc
Meeting Government regulations
Is there any competitor? (Your competitive advantage)
The company
Mission statement
The company’s mission is to understand diabetes, tackle the disease and to prevent it (Icldc.ae, 2015). In this respect, the Imperial college of diabetic Center aims at understanding the problem exists in the gulf region and take necessary action to treat the condition and possibly prevent its spread through health awareness programs.
Company description
The Imperial college of Diabetes has a world class lab for research and education purposes. The education and research function set it apart from other institutions as it is able to develop quality doctors to take up the fight of diabetes in the new areas the medical facility grows towards.
Company ownership
The company works in partnership with the London imperial college. The partnership has made the institution a leading research and education facility in the diabetic medical services industry. `Kind of services
The Imperial college London Diabetes Centre offers evidence based medicine (Icldc.ae, 2015). The institutions offer specialist treatment in all the complications related to diabetes. The institution also offers both lifestyle and weight management services that are instrumental in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is diabetes-free.

Icldc.ae,. (2015). Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, UAE. Retrieved 25 April 2015, from http://www.icldc.ae/Matzler, K., Bailom, F., Friedrich von den Eichen, S., & Kohler, T. (2013). Business model innovation: coffee triumphs for Nespresso. Journal of Business Strategy, 34(2), 30-37.

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