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Theories of ManagementModule

Theories of Management Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract From the period, humans started establishing social institutions to achieve goals and purposes they could not attain them as persons; management has been necessary to guarantee the synchronization of individual labors. As the public uninterruptedly depended on group labors, and as many prearranged clusters have become huge, the responsibility of directors has been intensifying in significance and complexity. Hereafter, the supervisory theory has become vital in the manner executives manage complex institutions. These organizations utilize various theories to ensure the proper functioning and accomplishment of goals....


Waterfall and Agile Student’s Name Institution Abstract Software development has become popular in recent times with more and more software coming up each year. There is, therefore, need to know about the different software processes before any purchase. The waterfall and agile methodologies are one of the most common in software development. Waterfall methodology is a process that follows a step by step design, i.e., the developers complete one stage before moving on to the next, and when one stage is completed. Agile methodologies, on the other hand, can be referred to as those that are guided by the Agile Manifesto, which is some principles that guide the development process and include...

which one is better for student to learn and why?

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Why Online Learning is better than in-class Learning Modernization and the advancement of technology have indeed seen a significant milestone in the education sector. Gone are the days when it was compulsory for a student to attend classes physically, courtesy of the online classes which are very common in most institutions under the common name of distance learning and e-learning. However, different people have varying ideas on which among the online and in-class learning is better. For my case, I would prefer online learning to in-class learning. A major pro for online education is the flexibility that it has offered....

Workday Sanity

Workday Sanity Name of Student Name of Institution Workday Sanity Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable occurrence in the lives of human beings. The stressors in my life right now revolve around school, work and my inability to balance them with life. For individuals living in the U.S., for instance, the American Dream becomes a façade when they attempt to create a balance in their daily lifestyles. Since I have a constant response to my stressors, I realized that each one of them warrants a different one. Stress from work makes me want to continually sleep and temporarily forget about the problems. It is much easier to delve into an ‘unconscious’ world when I am experiencing burnout from...

Workplace Stress and Aggression

Workplace Stress and Aggression Name of Student Name of Institution Abstract Workplace stress and aggression is inevitable in any given organization(s). There are numerous organizational differences that have led to overt violence and aggression in the workplace. In this paper, there is a close look at the Dignity Team Health shooting which was propagated by Matthew Kempf, a former employee. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kempf only murdered his supervisor before committing suicide. The paper attempts to delve into Kempf motive, warning signs and triggering factors; which are well-portrayed simply by the death of a sole individual, Lana Canada. Evidently, she was his target and staging a...


Employee Motivation Name Institutional Affiliation Employee Motivation Why is Zappos so Successful? Successful companies realize that employees are a significant asset in their operations. Satisfied employees play influential roles in affecting the performance of a company. Poorly remunerated and less motivated employees are likely to show contempt and disregard for their work (Nohria, Groysberg & Lee, 2008). However, when companies realize the contribution of their employees and reward them appropriately, they are likely to improve their performance. Zappos attributes its success to the effective management of the contribution of its employees (Rooney, 2008). The company demonstrates a...

Ship Managment

Ship Management Name Institution Ship management deals with the practice of handling a ship. The management is handled by independent firms which utilize ships of other firms or independent owners. Managing a ship isn’t an easy undertaking. Ship management involves various tasks that are carried out before, after, and during the operation. Always, the first duty that a company managing ships must undertake is to ensure that the ship is approved. The approval is usually provided by various classification societies. These classification societies are referred to as IACS “International Association of Classification Societies.” In this essay, I will discuss why we still need IACS in ship...

Should the cap on Social Security be removed?

Social Security Cap Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Introduction The Social Security Fund has served to keep a large number of the elderly population and seniors out of poverty since its official enactment in 1935. Presently as the baby boomers begin to retire or near retirement, there is a boiling crisis of the fund, and recent questions surround the sustainability of the Social Security to finance future generations of retirees. The financial crisis facing the social security fund is that in 15 years, it will incur fewer finances than what is needed to pay retirees. And in 30 years, the social security will only cover 75% of consumers for every dollar of allowances and benefits...

Storm or Change

M6A1: Case Study – Storm or Change Name Institution Affiliation M6A1: Case Study – Storm or Change Introduction The East Street International Human/ Animal Rights Agency has an initiative that aims at incorporating contemporary marketing approaches. Consequently, the board of directors has to ensure that the selected advertising campaign is efficient and meets all the comprehensive needs and prerequisites of the agency. In the subject case, the board of directors is listening to a proposal that advocates for the utilization of direct mail, telemarketing, social media, television, and infomercials. Still, the proposal focuses on the most appealing factors of the organization’s work. The...