Research Proposal

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Research Proposal
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Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Revised

Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Introduction An internal audit in the government is necessary since it examines its accounting records and evaluates its conformity with the standard regulations, procedures, and controls. There is need to appraise the emerging trends in internal government auditing to keep pace with the changing roles, technologies, and others. Internal auditing enables the government to manage its financial risk and other vital activities. There are various trends in internal government audit, including cyber security, emerging technologies, strategic alignment,...

UCB International Solutions revised

UCB INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS Student’s Name The Name of the Class Professor’s Name The Name of the School The City and State Date -285754667250-28575-114300Title: Research design of establishing UCB International Solutions in Hong Kong Aim: This research aims to identify the key issues and factors facing UCB International Solutions as it establishes its presence in Hong Kong -28575-19050Objectives To examine the level of tourism demand in Hong Kong and their preference of restaurant facilities To identify cross-cultural issues that will affect UCB International solutions and how such issues will be solved to achieve harmonious relations between all stakeholders To identify the level...


Proposed title Punishment in criminology Research methodology There are many methods used in punishment and they involve retribution, incapacitation, restitution, and rehabilitation as the goals and theories of punishment. When the four are applied in the correct way possible, there will result in a big benefit for all parties involved as the authority will have achieved the goals and the offenders would have been corrected, (“Critical criminology companion,” 2008). In the retribution and deterrence aspects, all forms of punishment are involved. Rationale behind the topic The principle of punishment has a specific goal of offering corrections to offenders. The scope of the research makes...

Research Proposal

Research Proposal Name Institutional Affiliation Research Proposal Introduction Stress is one of the lifestyle conditions that affect a significant number of the modern population. The study by FitzGerald, Kehoe, and Sinha (2009) indicates that when patients have an inadequate response mechanism to stress they are likely to suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome. The study is significant in that it provides an amicable mechanism to resolve the challenges that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome encounter. The need for the research is justified as the primary aim of treatment is to ensure that individuals lead healthier lives later. Thus, when stress hampers those living with...

Whats the impact of effective female leadership practices during times of crisis as compared to men

Crisis Leadership: The Impact of Effective Female Leadership Practices as Compared to men, a cross-cultural evaluation. Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Crisis Leadership: The Impact of Effective Female Leadership Practices as Compared to men, a cross-cultural evaluation. Introduction Today’s world, whether it is the economic, societal or cultural aspect, demands competent leaders. Quick and witty decisions have to be made on a whim and in most instances of crises, there is little to no time to think. The question thus emerges of who between men and women make better leaders and ultimately who makes better choices during times of crisis. This is especially considering...

socio-legal studies about Socio-Economics

WHETHER STATUTORY LIABILITY SHOULD PRECEDE CIVIL LIABILITY FOR REGULATING THE FARMING OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED CROPS? A SOCIOECONOMIC PERSPECTIVE OF THE U.K.: A RESEARCH PROPOSAL By__________________________ A Thesis Proposal for the Partial fulfillment of ____________________________________ Under the guidance of Prof._______________________ University of ______________ January 2018 Whether statutory liability should precede civil liability for regulating the farming of Genetically Modified Crops? A Socioeconomic Perspective of the U.K.: Research Proposal Section 1: Introduction Different nations have recognized the...

Research proposal of Sierra Leone

Research proposal for gender and ownership of property, land and other local resources within urban and rural communities in Sierra Leone By Student’s Name The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located Research Proposal For Gender And Ownership of Property, Land and Other Local Resources within Urban and Rural Communities in Sierra Leone Nowadays Sierra Leone is facing and experiencing a lot of changes and reforms, dedicated to various spheres of human life and adjusted to challenges, created by the current situation in the world. In order to keep pace with them and ensure our society, that we consider pressing...

Topic proposal for final project

M1A1: Final Paper Topic Proposal Topic Proposal Ethical Dilemma in doing well or doing the right thing. Research Question Why is it not easy to do well as well as do right by the National Security Professionals? The professionals in the National Security agencies have been torn apart on deciding on whether to do their duties right as required by the law or do it well even when it is not according to the law (Lovelady, 1992). Since the national security professionals are guided by the law, there comes a time when they have to follow the law to remain right as expected of them by the law while the work they do is not well done on the eyes of the public and therefore in that case they do not...

Homophobia revised

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Homophobia Prejudice and hate against gay people remain a thorny issue in today’s world. This problem also known as homophobia has adversely affected the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. Homophobia arises primarily because some individuals will always be against other people’s lifestyles. Such individuals can express their homophobia directly by using homophobic slurs, insults, and intimidation or indirectly by giving LGBT people the cold shoulder (O'Brien and McEvoy 4). Either way, homophobia is a critical problem as it results in hatred, which further divides people within the already diverse society. The...