Thesis Proposal

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Thesis Proposal
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hydrology and water engineering

Examining the future changes in the amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall Name Institution Abstract The understanding of amount and rate of occurrence of short duration rainfall relationships is key in water engineering applications. The occurrence of extreme rainfall amounts at an increasing rate in the global scale has raised concerns recently. Most of the research conducted shows that much of the increases occur particularly in the short duration rainfall which majorly lasts for about an hour or so. This mainly increases the rate occurrence of flash floods. Thus, this study aims at examining the various evidence that suggests the occurrence of short duration rainfall...

Church Vitality

Church Vitality. Name: Course: Instruction: Literature Review The Baptist Church is a church of love. Just as the Bible teaches of hope and how Jesus loved the church and died for it and will come back for it. The church spends more than $86 million for gifts to missions. Every visitor is treated with a Bible as a way of appreciation of their acceptance to fellowship with the church. The church has a continuous pastorate program in which the pastors, as well as leaders, visit the members by voluntary invitations. All these activities are done following trust, passion as well as the conviction of the Christian faith and the belief in the Bible CITATION Lar01 l 1033 (Elrod, 2001). The Black...

Educational Technology use among home-schooled students and its effect on academic achievement

Homeschooling and the effect on ACT composite scores Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Educational Technology use among homeschooled students and its effect on academic achievement Part one: Technology and the impact it has had in all aspects of human life is profound. Technology continues to redefine the business landscape with the growth and expansion of e-commerce. However, even though little has been discussed concerning the impact technology has had on education, it goes without saying that technology is at the heart of educational practices and learning. Technology facilitates learning and continues to shape the education system in terms of instructional practices and...