Business Plan

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Business Plan
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Kids Education Center Business Plan

Business Plan: Kids Education Center Student’s Name Institution The Executive Summary The kids’ education center business plan is a structured plan that aims at designing the working, objectives and way forwards of the incoming Venus Education Center. Venus Education Center is aimed at providing special education to physically challenged learners. With increased awareness of the importance of offering quality education to all kids, learners with disabilities have not been able to get this education. There are no many learning facilities that can offer this education due to the cost associated with it (Holmes & O'loughlin, 2014). The new business will come in as a way of filling in this...

Group home for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Neighbor health care agency will be a health care center that will be dealing with the caring of four patients who are having mental challenges. Each patient will have an employee to handle on a daily basis. The employee will be responsible for dressing the patient, washing them as well as doing them the other daily activities ("Fast Business Plan" 5). There will also be a general employee who will survey the activities done by the other employee in the premises. The minimum salary that will be earned by an employee will be $11, and the maximum amount will be $45 per hour. The employees will work for eight hours in a day, and therefore that result in...

destination theme park

Destination Theme Park Author Name Institutional Affiliation Destination Theme Park Mission Statement. The primary mission of the Destination Theme Park will be to create a profitable and well-managed business by creating an environment of excitement and fun for families, residents, and tourists. The Destination Theme Park will be committed to providing guests with consistently enjoyable recreational opportunities coupled with memorable vacation experiences in a safe environment. The Destination Theme Park plans to accomplish this mission through excellence in service, creativity, and anticipation of its customers’ ever-changing needs and prospects. The park’s ability to realize its...

what business means to me?

What Business Means To Me Name: Institution: Businesses are a critical part of our society today, and it helps to integrate a huge number of sectors in society today. It is through a business that some of the essential needs get to be satisfied; money earned through this business then helps to sustain people’s livelihoods. Additionally, businesses also contribute to building and developing a country’s infrastructure as well as the formation of key life-long friendships. Personally, businesses have had a huge impact on my life since it has created a job opportunity for me. To be honest, I would not be able to sustain the life I live right now were it not for businesses. Most importantly,...

BOEING Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Plan for Boeing Students Name Institution Date Executive Summary Many people aspire to travel by air at least once in their lifetime. One of the companies that make this a possibility is the Boeing flight company. Boeing produces the highest number of civilian aircrafts in the world that are used in the transportation of both people and goods. The company also manufactures military hardware such as fighter jets and refueling tankers. This equipment is used in the protection of the borders of many nations as well as during war with enemies such as terrorists who have become a menace in the current world. In addition, Boeing has involved itself in the manufacture of military and...

ALDI China

ALDI CHINA Student’s Name Course + code name Professor’s name City, State Date of Submission ALDI China Introduction Western supermarkets chains such as ALDI are trying their best to fit into the Chinese retail market. The Chinese people are believed to develop an increasing interest in imported food. The high interest is being motivated by the high population of middle-class in China, the high rate of Chinese people traveling to western countries and the concerns the Chinese have about the quality and safety of the local products. Various research conducted on China’s retail market has identified the Chinese retail environment to be a challenging field of business predominantly for...

financial statement analysis of a public company

Financial Statement Analysis of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Student’s Name Institution Financial analysis of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Introduction Financial statement analysis can be understood best as the assessing how profitable, viable and stable a business is.This is a good indicator of the performance of the business. The evaluation of a businesses’ financial data, together with other pertinent information helps in the assessment of the current and future financial condition of the company. This paper seeks to analyze and evaluate the financial statements of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a multinational company based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. It is among the large conglomerate...

Facilities management

Facilities management has created in the previous decade into a noteworthy, flourishing business area and train and keeps on developing in numerous nations. The term Facilities management has gotten to be acknowledged by governments, the business group, educationalists, and scientists as a key part of today's business world. Facilities management is of centrality to associations of numerous sorts and, as a developing order, it has turned into the center for the vital issues of best esteem and consumer loyalty inside of the management of supporting administrations. Very much oversaw administrations empower an association to work at its most proficient and powerful level, offering genuine added esteem...

US Housing Insecurity and the Health of Very Young Children

Name Instructor Task Date US Housing Insecurity and the Health of Very Young Children Introduction The United States, similar to any other nation, considers housing a vital aspect of social growth. This implies that without a stable and safe place to live, families have diminished prospects of staying healthy, a reasoning that is informed by the correlation between child health and poor housing conditions. Housing insecurity has been variously defined as the difficulty in paying mortgage or rent, living in congested or overcrowded conditions, or paying more than half of income on housing expenses. The majority of the families affected by housing insecurity are low-income earners whose...