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Research Paper
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Stereotype in the black community

Stereotyping in the Black Community. There are sections of the American population that are of the opinion that the black community should be ashamed of acting differently. The black community in America is associated with crime, rap music, and being athletes. It is challenging to the black community members to break into other forms of professions that are mostly linked to the white American community (Wood & Chasseur, 2015). This stereotyping of the black community regarding profession in mainly propagated by the media. It is because the media has neglected the role that the African Americans play in other occupations. However, members of the black community are also to be blamed towards the...

Stress: Those who are affected

Stress and the People It Affects Name Institutional Affiliation Date Abstract The human body usually responds to different situations in a number of various ways to defend itself from physical or psychological harm. Stress is among the ways in which the body protects itself in situations that seem challenging or dangerous. It is, however, important to understand the stress and its management as its chronic presence causes significant health complications to an individual. This paper, therefore, intends to examine the various aspects of stress, its occurrence and management. Further, the paper studies the relationship between the occurrence and management of stress, and the various diversity...

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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Author’s Name Institution Abstract Marriage stands out as a respected and celebrated social institution all over the globe since it is the basis of growth and development for most individuals. The marriage between two individuals is based on agreement, trust, and external forces surrounding them. Further, marriage is perceived as a sign of maturity among the youth. Diverse societies have varied views regarding marriage and monogamy. Some allow polygamy while others detest such a social institution. Psychological theories predict that men are more likely to cheat when in relationships than women are, however, women, especially in the twenty-first century, are just as...

Separation Anxiety Disorder

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Separation Anxiety Disorder: An Overview According to Kossowsky, Pfaltz, and Schneider, separation anxiety disorder (SAD) is characterized by excessive and persistent fear or anxiety over removal from familiar surroundings or close proximity to attachment figures 768). Separation anxiety disorder in childhood and adulthood is considered developmentally inappropriate if it is beyond the individual’s development level need for proximity to the attachment figures (Milrod, Markowitz and Gerber 35). Separation Anxiety Disorder is frequently diagnosed in children and has a low lifetime prevalence with rates between 4.1% to 5.1% (Kossowsky, Pfaltz...

Integrative Personality Theory

 Integrative Personality Theory Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Integrative Personality Theory Introduction Personality psychology is a field of psychology that deals with the analysis of people's characteristics that make them unique and their variation between different people. In this case, the study is based on the ideology that everyone has unique psychological structures and their exit traits that can only be found on them and not on any other person. The study deals with building up images of the psychological characteristics of people, and their primary psychological process compares the variations between the psychological state and process before different people to...

Immigration reform

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Immigration Reform Developed nations such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia among others will always attract immigrants who are who are searching for better lives. The major problem has been the point that many of the immigrants normally don’t follow the proper channels of immigration. The US has always had the problem of illegal immigration as immigrants get into the country through the border, more so between Mexico and the US. Most of them enter legally but decides to overstay their visas. The immigration issue had always been a contentious issue where Republicans and Democrats never agree on the matter. Currently, more than 11 million immigrants already...

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Name: Professor’s Name: Unit: Date: Is America up to the task of defending its cyber environment? Introduction As technology advances, each waking day increases the connectivity of the world. The global technological advances have increased the world’s connectivity and in the process have improved peoples living standards. Even though technology has improved the global economy, all the benefits, however, have a price to pay. The advancements made in technology have made many nations vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and the United States is not exceptional as it is also vulnerable like any other nation (Shackelford and Bohm 61). The new era in technology has brought with it a new threat to the world...

Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders

Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders Student’s Name University Date Comorbidity in Substance Abuse Disorders Substance abuse comorbidity refers to two disorders, mental health, and substance abuse, occurring in one individual concurrently (EMCDDA, 2016). The impact of comorbidity of substance abuse is affected by the high incidence, difficulty in managing and the association of poor outcome for the affected. Substance users have a 50% chance of comorbidity raising the need for clinical care and prevention by medical practitioners (EMCDDA, 2016). Individuals with comorbidity develop substance abuse disorders alongside other disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, personality and eating...

Western Science and Technology

Name Instructor Course Date Western Science and Technology The history of western science and technology is one that is of great interest. Magnificent inventions and discoveries have taken place in the western world. Over the centuries, there have vivid changes in the ways humans understand and manipulate the natural world. The West has always been a leader in pioneering such changes. The findings then spread to other non-western regions. These inventions often present solutions to problems that have been persisting at the time. The ideas are either new or a modification of the existing ones (Aikenhead 338). The most remarkable developments in science and technology have been witnessed in the...