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Managing People in Organisations

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Managing People in Organisations

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Management

Level: Masters

Pages: 15

Words: 4125

Bureaucratic and Non-Bureaucratic Forms Organizations
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Institutional Affiliation
Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc423524193 h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc423524194 h 3De- Bureaucratic Leadership PAGEREF _Toc423524195 h 4Body PAGEREF _Toc423524196 h 5Characteristics of bureaucratic administration. PAGEREF _Toc423524197 h 5Permanent formal duties PAGEREF _Toc423524198 h 5The hierarchy of power or authority PAGEREF _Toc423524199 h 5Technical expertise PAGEREF _Toc423524200 h 6Structure of rules PAGEREF _Toc423524201 h 6Written documentation PAGEREF _Toc423524202 h 7Inability to adopt changes quickly PAGEREF _Toc423524203 h 7Concentration of power at the top PAGEREF _Toc423524204 h 7Organized decisions PAGEREF _Toc423524205 h 8An organized salary system PAGEREF _Toc423524206 h 8Examples of Bureaucratic Organizations PAGEREF _Toc423524207 h 8Company A PAGEREF _Toc423524208 h 8A Brief executive summary of Company A. PAGEREF _Toc423524209 h 8Mission, Vision, and Values PAGEREF _Toc423524210 h 9Company A winning culture PAGEREF _Toc423524211 h 10Living the Company’s values PAGEREF _Toc423524212 h 10Organizational and Organizational Effectiveness PAGEREF _Toc423524213 h 11Organizational Design PAGEREF _Toc423524214 h 12Power flow in the company’s organizational structure PAGEREF _Toc423524215 h 13Disadvantages of a bureaucratic power structure PAGEREF _Toc423524216 h 13Advantages of a decentralized or non-bureaucratic leadership PA…

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