Admission Essay

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Admission Essay
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Sanderberg Lean In

Women Participation in the Workplaces Name Institution Women Participation in the Workplaces There exist ways in which the challenges which women normally face within the workplace differ from those that men face. Both men and women play various roles within their families although women spend a lot of time in the family life as they have numerous roles to play within their families. Balancing the family and work life seems to be more pushing especially when the child is still young just immediately after delivery and the child requires sucking frequently. As Sandberg (2013) outlines, carrying the child on the subway each day when going to the daycare blocks the office’s work halfway...

Summer school application essay

What’s one thing that engages you intellectually? Participating in youth and government program where we write bills to solve real-world issues. I engage in knowing issues through research and writing bills about them. .i.e. how to deal with the opioid epidemic, where 12.5 million patients were addicted to a medicine containing opioids. The bill focused on solving the problem of addiction. The bill was debated and reviewed by a group of judges. It was given a positive review as the judges agreed with our vision. The process involved individual as well as teamwork and collaborating conflicting ideas. The experience was great working with smart, passionate, problem solving and caring people. I...

University of British Columbia (UBC) Personal Profile

Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: University Of British Columbia Personal Profile. In the recent years, I have realized that every person has confronted problems that are unique to themselves from time to time because of the choices they make. About a year ago, I volunteered to teach piano lessons to a 2nd-grade student. Teaching lessons to someone else were something new to me. During my preparation for the lessons, I only thought of the materials that I would teach, but I did not know how teaching matters just as much. The challenge was that it was impossible to keep a six-year-old interested in a book with black and white bars. Seeing no improvements, I reached...

Parent Essay

Name Instructor Course Date Parent Essay When I look back, I can be more than grateful for what I have today. I had no clue of how future would unfold. However, when I look at my daughter, Rayna, today, I feel accomplished.  Rayna has never seen her father since her second birthday. Nevertheless, Rayna has always surprised me since her childhood. She even continues to surprise me today. With little or no assistance from me, Rayna manages to achieve tremendously in both her academic and nonacademic engagements. When she was born; I used to believe, as a mother, that I would always have to encourage and motivate her to progress. Conversely, in her case, none of that was necessary as she was...

How an Aquatic Center Will Benefit Fayetteville Town

Name Instructor Course Date How an Aquatic Center Will Benefit Fayetteville Town An aquatic center can be described as a fitness center as it provides various types of exercises in the water. I live in Fayetteville city that is located in North Carolina State. I think an aquatic center will have many benefits to people who live in the town and even those who visit it once in a while. One of the benefits of the fitness center is that it helps to reduce the level of stress and anxiety (Palacios 82). Stress is a psychological pain which can wreak havoc an individual mind and body. Different surveys have shown that swimming which is one of the aquatic exercises that can help to reduce stress....

Graphic Design

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Graphic Design Introduction: My Goal In as much as I am currently at my high school level of education, I have a plan and goal for my future. My education is aimed towards making that goal come through. I have a passion for art and designing. In my whole childhood, I have been having a dream of wanting to be an interior designer just like my uncle, Jeff. However, I have come to realize that being an interior designer will only restrict me to interior works. The most profitable and secure job form of design is graphical design since it has a lot of applications in the modern society (Fleischmann and Ryan, 427). My goal is therefore to be a...

Statement of Purpose 3

Abstract One crucial area of public health that receives low coverage in most developing nations is mental health care since the number of psychiatric nurses in these states is inadequate. To provide effective mental health care, it is essential for a nation to have enough psychiatric nurses through providing adequate training and education in the field. I would prefer to be a mental health practitioner in Africa since most of the countries are characterized by low income that makes them face health problems high prevalence of communicable diseases, low life expectancy, and malnutrition. Due to the high number of health problems faced by developing nations, policymakers are not likely to emphasize...

Next Level Thinking

Nursing Name Institution Coordinated Care Nursing is a vital career that entails a lot and requires that nurses work in conjunction with other doctors to guarantee quality health care. A nurse is tasked with carrying out the instructions given by doctors and physicians regarding quality health care delivery. I have chosen to nurse as a career because of the coordination of work that nurses are expected to adhere to while ensuring that patients receive the best healthcare (Sands & Diaz-Buxo, 2011). Patient Advocacy I was motivated to take up nursing as a career because of the knowledge that it offers a nurse while caring for a patient. Since a nurse is responsible for explaining the...

Personal Statement

Name Tutor Subject Date Personal Statement Strengths and Challenges I believe that to become a successful nurse; one must have excellent communication skills. Nurses meet a wide range of persons, both sick and non-ailing, many of whom may go for medical consultations. It is therefore imperative to have the necessary communication skills, as it enables the nurse to know how to deliver the information, read how the message was received, and react depending on how the message was received. I believe that one of my personal strengths is my communication ability as I can talk to anyone about anything. My strengths in communication abilities have grown massively because I am an outgoing person. The urge to...