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Safety Analysis Report

Safety Analysis Report Student’s Name: Institution: Safety Analysis Report Question one Defense in depth would include software security in a nuclear facility. Through software, it is easier to integrate many aspects of the facility’s security as required by the NRC regulations (NRC, 2018). Software security integrates various security activities of the facility into a continuous model. Through the integration of several aspects of the facility, it provides greater security to the facility. The facility can look to integrate its technology programs, systems, supporting processes, implementing processes and equipment. It also allows monitoring of these aspects of the facility, which...

Governing Regulatory Documents

Nuclear Operator Licensing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation A systematic approach to training in nuclear operation can be defined as a specific type of training offered or designed for only employees or workers of a specific company. These methodological training activities and approaches are intended to equip the company's employees with relevant tools, skills, and knowledge to enable them to pursue the interests of the company with high competence and safety. For the case of Nuclear Operating Company, such training is intended to reduce the risks and accidents associated with various operations in the company like radioactive substances emission. The other advantage of such training...


AMDM-DB2 Most passengers boarding an airplane are apprehensive regarding the possibility of an air crash. Hence, different airliners and policy makers of aviation safety always try to reduce such apprehensions across the prospective fliers. One such measure is to increase the awareness of such stakeholders on aviation safety by highlighting the probability or possibility of dying due to an airplane crash. An article published in the Elite Daily by Haltiwanger (2015) highlighted that the probability of dying in an airplane crash is one out of every 5.4 million passengers. The author considered the past incidences of air crashes within a specific timeframe and divided the same by the number of...


DB#3 Conduct an experiment and record the data Table SEQ Table * ARABIC 1. Frequency table for data distribution Distance in meters that tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils (m) Number of pupils (frequency) 1 2 2 4 3 7 4 5 5 7 6 3 7 15 8 13 9 10 10 6 Create a histogram Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. Histogram of distance in meters that a tennis ball is thrown by kindergarten pupils against the number of pupils that throw the distanceWhat is the shape of the histogram The histogram shape is random with no apparent pattern having many peaks. How would you expect the data distribution to look? I would expect the data distribution to be random with no distinct pattern and...

Writers Choice

Assignment Results Name of the Student Professor’s Name Assignment Results The results were expressed in the form of descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics help to portray different measures of central location and dispersion (Nick, 2007).   ADDSC IQ GPA mean 52.75044 102.644 2.509738 median 53 104 2.6 Mode 51.66667 95 3 Standard deviation 10.37259 12.80795 0.826243 Maximum 76.33333 137 4 Minimum 24.66667 55 0.25 Table 1: Represents the descriptive statistics of ADDSC, IQ, and GPA scores   ENGG   Frequency Cumulative Frequency E 0 3 D 20 23 C 66 89 B 74 163 A 28 191 Table 2: Represents the frequency and cumulative frequency of Grades of children received in English Most of...

Automotive Electrical / Electronic and Emissions Systems

Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum Name Institution Rationale for Automotive Electronic Emission Systems Curriculum Introduction The symbiotic relationship in the different technologies used in the automotive industry call for cooperation from the relevant stakeholders. There is a sincere desire for the marriage of the computer technology with other section of the automotive industry such as gasoline fuel ignition and the emission control diagnosis repair for us to yield products which meet the formidable demands of the industry. Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to present a rationale for developing automotive electrical or emission training program. This...

Communication skills and Case management

Challenges in Communication Skills and Case Management Name Institutional Affiliation Date Challenges in Communication Skills and Case Management Some of the future difficulties while communicating and using the case management with clients include; Inconveniencing the clients with own problems – At times, people who are in human services tend to use clients with the aim of meeting their individual needs. For instance, one can burden the client with stories such as saying "the same happened to me too." One may decide to narrate his or her story of a bad day to the client. It is not right to ask the clients for things which are going to benefit you or are in your interest only (O'Rourke,...

Counseling Clients Considering Abortion

Counseling Clients Considering Abortion Name of Student: Institutional affiliation: Counseling Clients Considering Abortion Introduction Ideally, a wider range of factors influences the decision on whether or not to procure abortions. Irrespective of individual’s position on the issue, it is believed that the implication of abortion on one’s life makes one contemplate many factors. Therefore, the study examines the influence of education background, cultural values, physical health as well as predictions about long and short-term consequences of abortion. Section 1 Observably, studies by the American Counseling Association (2014) show that various factors dictate decisions on...

Designing Levels of Intervention

Designing Levels of Intervention Student’s Name University Designing Levels of Intervention Case 3 Intervention on the Micro Level On the micro level, I recommend that Margie should maintain her meetings while she learns to be independent yet be more considerate of her mother’s feelings. I believe that when Margie gains independence, she would be able to accept herself more and from others who have the same disabilities. Assertiveness would be a huge help with regards to her mother’s feelings. This is because micro-level occurs in a social setting and pertain an individual behavior in a social setting. That's why Margie has to learn to be sensitive to her mother's...