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A report on the suggested performance appraisal system for sales managers from Noaris

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A report on the suggested performance appraisal system for sales managers from Noaris

Category: Lab Report

Subcategory: Management

Level: Academic

Pages: 7

Words: 2035

The present report and performance appraisal system is created for Sales Managers who have been absorbed in our company as a consequence of our merger with Noaris, a German Pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical Sales is a highly challenging field, and the Sales Leaders are an integral part of pharmaceutical sales (Schraeder, Becton & Portis 2007). Apart from the high level of competition the client needs to be provided transparent information and documentation of the pharmaceutical formulations as such information is critical for the life of a patient. Hence, the Sales Managers of any organization are the key drivers for the field force in ensuring product knowledge, customer identification, exploring new markets, and for the overall strategic planning and strategic management that helps the respective sales to meet their budgeted or targeted sales (MacKenzie, Podsakoff, & Fetter 1992)
Being absorbed from Noaris, in our company, the Sales Managers should not only comply with our company norms and policies but would be extremely focused to ensure the values of our company. The values that must be complied by the Sales Managers are performance, customer focus, integrity, and respect for people. There is a zero-tolerance limit if any of the core values is jeopardized. As per the guiding principles of our company, we should also ensure that these managers should not be discriminated against our in-house managers and top performers should be appraised and applauded with our perfo…

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