Lab Report

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Lab Report
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Robotic’s motion planing

Solution to the Robot’s Navigation problem Name Course Tutor University Date City Abstract In the field of robotics, there are a couple of question which ought to be answered in the process of developing efficient and effective robots. For example in a physical world, how is it possible for a robot to achieve motion deciding the turns and twists to make to achieve a particular task in the physical world? Initially, there were insufficient capabilities of motion planning in the industrial robotic programming system. However, this field has grown to space exploration to intervention in hazardous environments by robots. These put into consideration makes the navigation problem become among...

Dexter- go pi go

Mobile Robots Obstacle Avoidance Using Ultrasonic Sensors and Neural Control System Name Course Tutor University Date City Abstract This laboratory aims to familiarize oneself with the functioning of a mobile robot learning how to write the robot's navigation program. The primary objective is to write a program to make the robot move forward until it detects an obstacle. On identifying barriers, it ought to turn either right or left depending on the available free space. Further investigation is carried out to compare the performance of the robot in the real environment as compared to the simulated one. Additionally, the student will get conversant with the communication protocol of the...

Emotional development philosophy paper.

Emotional Development Philosophy Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Emotional Development Philosophy Play is often trivialized in many settings with people dismissing it as an immature activity that children engage in and that they will eventually outgrow. It is common to hear people dismiss adult play as childishness because playing is often considered childish and immature. There is some truth in that statement, but it is not entirely true. While a play is important to children and is often associated with children, it is just as crucial to adults as well. Play during childhood is important and critical in determining many facets of a child’s life including, but not restricted to...

Describe domination vs. subordination between blacks and whites in the modern society

Domination vs. subordination between blacks and whites in the modern society Subordination is a term used to describe a position of a lower level that an individual occupies with the other. On the other hand, domination means to be over the other individual and assuming a superiority complex. The subordinate ones exist and thrive at the mercies of the dormant. Those who are subordinated have no options but to except for the ones by the dominant group. The subordinate are suppressed and mistreated most of the time. Dominants believe they are the superior ones in the association and that the subordinate provide inferior alternatives hence should be controlled to maintain order in the...


Question 2(13 marks) Lean body mass is the amount of weight carried on the body that is not fat. Metabolic rate is the rate at which the body consumes energy. The following Minitab output was constructed using data recorded in a fitness study which was designed to compare the lean body masses and also the metabolic rates of adolescent males and adolescent females. Use this output to answer the questions which follow. Two-sample T for LeanBodyMass Sex N Mean StDev SE Mean Male 75 52.63 6.66 0.77 Female 75 43.42 6.05 0.70 Difference = μ (Male) - μ (Female) Estimate for difference: 9.21 95% CI for difference: (7.153, 11.266) T-Test of difference = 0 (vs ≠):...

concepts/theories in the sociology of mental health

Name Tutor Course Date Concepts in the sociology of mental Introduction The clip 'No Kidding, Me 2!' speaks to Joe Pantoliano's thinking as a significant aspect of his battle against the disgrace and humiliation of mental disease. This enabling film reveals insight into what almost 100 million Americans endure in seclusion. Through open, frequently amusing exchanges with Pantoliano and his family on their battle with his own clinical melancholy, and also the convincing stories of five other individuals from varying backgrounds, all influenced diversely by emotional instability: a cerebrum specialist with bipolar issue, an analyst with ADHD, and three secondary school understudies overseeing...

bounds of science

Name Instructor’s Name Subject Date The Bounds of science Introduction The word science that has been viewed by many as a branch of knowledge closely linked to philosophy especially during 19th century heavily relies and builds on explanations and predictions. In most instances, science has been trying to explain the universe in such a way that facts are presented and proved beyond reasonable doubt. However, science is a broad body of knowledge with various branches of applied science, natural science and social science as well. Specifically natural science has been closely and almost used interchangeably with philosophy as both tend to explain natural phenomena. Philosophy has been...

Case Study and Observational Study

Case Study and Observational Study INTRODUCTION The aim of the research methods is collecting information and data to make accurate decisions on a given topic. That way, to correctly interpret and analyze a series of data, a set of methods can be deployed to deepen the researcher’s knowledge and command of a theme. It is feasible to say that the primary goal of the research methods is producing new knowledge, or increase what it is known of any researchable topic. Strictly speaking, knowledge about methodology will give researchers a framework to place their investigation. SCOPE OF THE RESEARCH This essay intends to compare and understand two different research methods, assessing on their...

Integral Transforms (laplace

According to formula (L9), and (L10) L2y''+y'=2Ly''+Ly'=2s2Ys-sy0-y'0+sYs-y0=0Ys2s2+s-2s-1=0Ys=2s+1s(2s+1)=1sAccording to formula (L3) yt=1 According to formula (L9), and (L10) L3y''+y-1=3Ly''+Ly-L1=3s2Ys-sy0-y'0+Ys-1s=0Ys3s2+1-3s-1s=0Ys=3s+1s3s2+1=1sAccording to formula (L3) yt=1 u=Ri+Li'Us=RIs+LsIs-i0=(R+Ls)I(s)I=1R+LsUs=12+3sss2+16=-3/742+3s+(s+24)/74s2+16it=-174e-23t+174cos4t+674sin⁡(4t) Hs=LsI(s)U(s)=LsR+Ls=3s2+3s It is 1st order high-pass filter. The curve is from matlab. Matlab Command: bode(tf(,)) Hs=3s2+3sht=L-13s2+3s=L-11-22+3s=δt-23e-23t yt=L-132+3s=e-23t c0=5 ⇒c0=5, argc0=0c1=2-2j ⇒c1=22,argc1=-π4c2=-3-3j ⇒c2=32,argc2=-3π4c3=4j...