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Wealth Plan

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Wealth Plan

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Geometry

Level: Academic

Pages: 35

Words: 9625

Case Name: The Janten Family
Name of Student:
Student ID Number:
Section 1: Identification of Goals and Potential Solutions
List of Goals Identified
1. Risk Management
2. Cash Flow Management
3. Retirement Income Funding
4. Grandchildren’s Education and Financial Care
5. Special Goals- Nick and Sarah’s mother
Why are they important goals to the client- main issues?
1. Risk Managements
Sarah and David presently do not have an emergency fund set up to address any emergencies that could come up unexpectedly that would have an impact on their income. Basic financial planning calls for at least 3 to 6 months of the net tax take home income to be set up as an emergency fund. These funds should be placed in a high-interest bearing account to access funds easily.
Sarah and David had been investing in stocks through a broker over the years, and they thought they had a fairly strong tolerance for risk. It is during the year 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis hit, and the couple’s portfolio values decreased 30 percent. After the Global Financial Crisis, Sarah and David realized that they are more risk-adverse than they thought previously.
Despite Sarah and David having limited knowledge in investing, the couple does not wish to see their portfolio take such a dramatic decline ever again, not when they are planning to retire in four years’ time. Sarah and David have agreed that they are in need of an advisor who will direct them towards str…

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