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Cover letter 2nd Revision

Dear Ms. Rimle, This is my application for the Junior Project Manager/Analyst position available at Allergan. I would like to be part of this international market leader in generics, research and development that has continued to enhance people’s lives globally. Attached are my curriculum vitae and a list of projects I have worked on. These explain in details my skills, past experience, educational and professional qualifications, and contribution to the field of project management. In my previous position as a project manager, in coordination with my team, I ensured timely completion of the set project according to the budget. I intend to accomplish the same as a junior project...

Horse Carriage Rides in New York City

Why Horse Carriage Rides in New York City should be banned. Horse carriage rides are wonderful mode of transport that has widely been used in the US and other nations including the UK. The carriage rides are known for the good experience that they pose to users. The carriages remain a flexible and valued mode of transport at the central park in the US. Many people prefer using the mode of transport when adventuring parks or visiting recreational centers. They use the carriages because they enable effective view of nature and the diverse valuables in the environment. Using them gives people the opportunity to see everything around them and experience a good feel of adventuring the parks (Momberg 1)....

introduction and conclusion

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Communication Pattern of the Japanese Culture With different culture comes different communication patterns, this article's aim is to prove this by use of the Japanese cultures of communication pattern in comparison to other foreign cultures, Americans in particular. The Japanese tend to avoid communicating with people of non-Japanese culture. Studies have shown that the Japanese people feel uncomfortable speaking to westerners of even similar social status as themselves. The Japanese people feel this way because they not only feel that the foreigner style of communication highly different from there’s, but also that they are similar to the high-born Japanese...

See attached document below

Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission My Guilty Pleasure I would like to believe that chocolate is my guilty pleasure. Ever since childhood, I loved eating chocolates. Sometimes I blame it on my relatives because they fed me a lot of chocolate when I was younger. Often, when I am in the supermarket, I cannot leave without a bar of chocolates. Even when I am low on finances, I ensure that I purchase the cheapest chocolates available. Many people, including my parents, have criticized me due to the bad habit. In fact, I once visited the dentist because of painful cavities. Last month, I tried to stop eating as many bars but, I just could not resist the temptation. It...

International Hospitality Business Management

CONSUMERS’ BUYING BEHAVIORS IN ABC CLOTHING COMPANY By: Course: Professor: University: City: Date: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc439193284 h 3Background PAGEREF _Toc439193285 h 3Research Rationale PAGEREF _Toc439193286 h 3Research Justification PAGEREF _Toc439193287 h 4Research Questions PAGEREF _Toc439193288 h 4Research Objectives PAGEREF _Toc439193289 h 4Research Limitations PAGEREF _Toc439193290 h 5Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc439193291 h 5Factors Affecting Customers’ Purchasing Behavior PAGEREF _Toc439193292 h 5Consumer Purchasing Process PAGEREF _Toc439193293 h 7Market Segmentation in Global Fashion Selling PAGEREF _Toc439193294 h 8Research...

Wealth Plan

Case Name: The Janten Family Name of Student: Student ID Number: Section 1: Identification of Goals and Potential Solutions List of Goals Identified 1. Risk Management 2. Cash Flow Management 3. Retirement Income Funding 4. Grandchildren’s Education and Financial Care 5. Special Goals- Nick and Sarah’s mother Why are they important goals to the client- main issues? 1. Risk Managements Sarah and David presently do not have an emergency fund set up to address any emergencies that could come up unexpectedly that would have an impact on their income. Basic financial planning calls for at least 3 to 6 months of the net tax take home income to be set up as an...


Name: Professor: Title: Date: Telescope The Hubble Space Telescope is still in operation and was launched in the year 1990. It has four instruments that have the duties to observe in the near infrared spectra and the ultraviolet. It got its name after Edwin Hubble who was an astronomer in the USA. Its orbit around the atmosphere of the earth makes use of light that has a high resolution. The telescope has impacted the world of science significantly. The ACS and STIS UV through their lights that are visible can be use to seeing the aurora of the south. Hubble has been able to solve many astronomy problems, and also has had its share of problems. There has been a greater need to provide new...

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence National Coalition against Domestic Violence (2015). What is Domestic Violence. National Coalition against Domestic Violence. Retrieved from HYPERLINK " help/what-is-domestic-violence\" help/what-is-domestic-violence The article develops an understanding of domestic violence and its various examples such as physical assault, abusive behavior or sexual assault. It describes the problem through the provision of examples and the adverse effects of the violence on the people involved as well as the community. The article also describes the pattern of dominance and control in domestic violence. The frequency of domestic violence...

Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking revised

Avoiding Manipulation in Free Thinking Name Institution Affiliate Outline This paper is about avoiding manipulation in free thinking. To tackle this issue, the following will be addressed; Definition of a free thinker. A free thinker is a person who has the ability to think in an independent way. A free thinker is able to make their own independent decision. However, there are several factors that hinder many people from thinking independently. These factors will be analyzed in the paper. Importance of free thinking. Free thinking is of great importance. It means that a person is able to think independently and make independent decisions. The important part of it is that a free thinker...