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wicked urban problems in the news

Name Professor Institution Course Date Traffic congestion The world today is characterized by the high growth of urban areas which develop to form cities and towns. These places attract huge populations who migrate to them for different purposes. In most of the urban areas, however, there exist many social problems that affect many activities in the urban areas. There have been many reports on some social issues that affect the society around the urban areas which indeed need to be addressed. Some of these urban problems are also wicked as they are composed of unbelievable acts which are also controversial as they could lead to more negative impacts on the society. Some of these urban...

The Change of Family Setup in American Society

Change in Family and Marriage in the American Society Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Introduction The term norm refers to a sort of paradigm and theories that act as a guide in the way individuals behave in a given societal setup (Ferris, & Stein, 2016). As per the social sciences, the norms tend to define particular cultural group therein. In this case, it is vital for the respective communities to uphold the norms to maintain cohesion and progressive development o the entire society. However, some circumstance may lead to the revolution of the underlined norms in the community. Nevertheless, the resulting changes may bring a positive impact on the well-being of the entire...

The Role Attributions of Motives Play in the Attribution of Deviance

Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date The Role Attributions of Motives Play in the Attribution of Deviance Introduction Social psychology is concerned about the relationships between individuals and the environment living in a social setting. This will discuss the social psychological processes such as stereotyping, schemata, attribution, and deviance in detail guided by the given meeting between a college student and her adviser Attributions refer conclusions which people make on the causes of events and behavior. Dispositional attribution means people inferring to an event or a person’s behavior is because of personal characteristics like abilities, feelings or traits....

Statistics Questions

Statistics Questions Name Institution Statistics Questions Chapter 5 Question 5.11 (Using Z Distribution Table) Z=X-XS Z=125-10015 Z=1.667 PZ>1.67=0.9525 1 – 0.9525 = 0.0475 0.0475*100=4.75% 4.75% of the IQ scores are above Kristen’s 125. Z=X-XS Z=82-10015 Z=-1.2 PZ<-1.2=0.1151 0.1151*100=11.51% 11.51% of the IQ scores are below 82. Z=X-XS Z=91-10015 and 109-10015 Z=-0.6 and 0.6 P-0.6<Z=0.2743 P0.6>Z=0.7257 0.7257-0.2743= 0.4514 0.4514 *100=45.14% 45.15% of the IQ scores are within 9 points of the mean. Z=X-XS Z=60-10015 and 140-10015 Z=-2.67 and 2.67 P-2.67<Z=0.0038 P2.67>Z=0.9962 0.9962 -0.0038= 0.9924 1- 0.9924=0.0076...

Individual assignment 2

A hunting and gathering society is characterized by small families, high interdependence, and low inequality with the family being the primary institution. Labor division is defined on the basis of gender. Men are hunters and women the gatherers. Horticultural and pastoral societies are relatively larger with more inequality compared to hunting and gathering societies. They use simple tools to grow crops and also raise livestock. Agricultural societies are characterized by the growth of more crops using developed tools such as plow and oxen. They are wealthier than horticultural and pastoral societies but have higher levels of conflicts. Industrial societies have high levels of individualism and...

Define social stratification and give two examples

Define social stratification and give two examples. Social stratification refers to a process by which a community establishes social statuses or categorizes individuals in a hierarchy. In most societies, particular groups have greater wealth, power, and greater status than others do. Such differences in the community lead to social stratification (Ballantine, 2015). For instance, the social status or categories of individuals are the social stratification. Additionally, in caste structure, all factors of social status endorsed especially the social position of an individual at birth is the status he/she holds for a lifespan (Birkelund, (Ed.) 2013). Compare and contrast colonialism and world systems...

movie comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes

Movie Comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes Name Institution Movie Comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes “Safe” is a fascinating film about Carol who is allergic to the surrounding. Carol stays in a luxurious and affluent home in Southern California. The only duty that she has is to maintain her appearance and improve her health. For instance, she takes clean water, goes to the gym, and attends high-end luncheons. However, Greg, her husband, is often distant as he sees her seldom. As the movie continues, Carol collapses, and the psychiatrist indicates that the problem emanates from her. The psychiatrist fails to be of help to Carol as she becomes frightened and weaker. She feels that the world...

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Sexism at Workplace Name Institution Affiliation Sexism at Workplace There are several occurrences where a colleague at a workplace mentions or says something that makes other people uncomfortable or feel offended. Most of them find their comments funny or hardly notice how inappropriate they sound. On the other hand, the rest of the colleagues find it offensive, racist or sexist. In such a case, how to handle such a scenario is quite critical, and the next steps taken are precarious due to the uncertainty if the words spoken are bias or not and the aftermath which might involve being penalized. It is crucial therefore to weigh the benefits of speaking against the consequences, avoid making...

Marriage and Family 2

Marriage and Family Define marriage and family and summarize related cultural themes. The modern understanding of the concept of marriage and family is more encompassing than what was known in the old society. However, in both cases family has remained to be one of the primary social structures in the society. There have been several definitions of marriage and family since they became institutions within the human social life. They all try to capture all the elements that make up families and marriages institutions observed in the society. Therefore, marriage can best be described as a legally recognized agreement of a permanent union made between two people based on the traditional sexual...