Problem solving

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Problem solving
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EKG Assignment  Provide a short answer in the box below for each question. You are the ACNP in the ER. A 55-year-old Caucasian male with a past medical history of HTN, thyroid cancer, and diverticulitis presents with crushing chest pain. His chest pain developed 1hour ago after eating a large steak and potato dinner. He states the pain is 10 out of 10 and is not relieved by antacids. He also is diaphoretic and anxious. You review his 12 lead EKG, as per below. Where is the location of the patient’s infarction? What coronary artery is the likely cause? Answer: Posterior wall, true posterior wall myocardial infarction (Thygesen et al, 2012) A 67-year-old female is your established...


Quiz 1 Name Institution Course Instructor Date (i) Consider a graph of shown below. Find the slope and equation of the line joining A and B. Let A (1,-10) be (x1,y1) and B(-2,17) be (x2,y2). Slope is give by change in y/ change in x Thus in this case, it will be (y1-y2)/(x1-x2) = (-10-17)/ (1-(-2)) =-27/3 =-9 Equation of the line joining A and B Take any point in the line AB to be (x, y) and (1,-10) Then Slope remain the same thus, -9=(y+10)/(x-1) -9x+9=y+10 Thus y=-9x-1 Find the slope and equation of the line joining A and C. Let A (1,-10) be (x1,y1) and C(0,1) be (x2,y2). To find the slope= (y1-y2)/ (x1-x2) = (-10-1)/(1-0) = -11 Equation of the line AC will...

knowledge assignment

Knowledge Assessment 1 (PRACTICE) NAME: ________________________________________________________________________ Situation: Your CFO drops by your desk and says that she wants you to prepare some notes for her on the following sensitive situation. Your company is going to be introducing new value-added app and service for smartphones. The app and service have been testing marketed in two areas with the following results: when the price is $260 the estimated quantity sales were 1.2 million but when the price was $175 the estimated quality sales were 3.0 million. Listing the data series needed to solve this problem using marginal analysis We will need the following data series to be able to...