Case Study

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Case Study
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Training Program

Name Instructor Course Date Training program The Karvonen formula assists in determining the target heart rate. The formula relies on the resting and maximum heart rate to obtain the target rate. Target Heart rate= ((max HR − resting HR) × %Intensity) + resting HR Maximum heart rate =220-17(Age) = 203 203- 55(Rest.HR) =148 148*15(intensity) +55(Rest.HR) = 2275 Beats/minutes During my first meeting session with Clark, I will determine if he is qualified for physical training. This screening will involve identifying health risk elements like obesity or diabetes. I will also collect information regarding Clark’s medical history, chronic sicknesses, and current medications. I will ask...

Faking It

FAKING IT By (Name) Class: Professor: Institute: City and State: Date: Lisa Gray is a Castleford born chemist who is chosen to star in a reality show called ‘Faking It’. Hailing from an average-life background, the show requires her to undergo a complete makeover that will revolutionize her personality from its core, on areas such as speech, and transform her into a ‘Lady of London.’ Assisted by three professionals who have studied basic aspects of the elite culture, Lisa’s ultimate task is to attend a dinner party and fit into a group of about nine strangers, all of whom come from a noble background and fit in as one of them. In her quest to rise up to the task ahead, Lisa...

Vignette Case Study and Analysis

Vignette Analysis Name Institutional Affiliation Part 1 Description of demographic information The patient is a 26-year-old female. She is described as a college graduate who has currently moved from one area to another for a new job opportunity. Being from the San Francisco Bay area, her ethnicity is most likely to be a non-Hispanic white female. The city has an over 70 percent population of non-Hispanic. Thus, making the patient’s possibility to be white and non-Hispanic. Furthermore, the patient, being freshly off from college and on her first job, she is most likely to be unmarried. On the other hand, in Joan’s case study, there is no mention of her husband or any...

Working With an Individual Patient and Family

Working With an Individual Patient and Family Mental disorder is an illness that causes mild to severe instabilities in a person’s mind resulting in a change in behavior. It is a common phenomenon among most Americans as it is estimated to affect over 54 million Americans yearly. Most often, people including family members find it hard to accept that their member has a mental illness. From this case, it is evident that Eleanor’s family members were heavy users of drugs. Abuse of drugs results in alteration of hormonal systems and various brain chemicals of an individual. Thus, the victims become unable to conduct regular duties and responsibilities. Substance abuse poses damaging effects on the...

Case Presentation

Case presentation Name Institution Case presentation Identifying information Paulina is a 30-year-old female client who is also married with one kid. She was referred for evaluation by the family physician who she has been regularly consulting. Currently, she works as a doctor in one of the state level hospital in Texas. She has been under pressure due to the high demand for her job and the stress she undergoes when carrying out her duty as a medical practitioner. First, she had the passion for her job, and she used to achieve very high evident in the many lives she saved and a large number of patients who could see her on a daily basis. Contrary, of late her performance has been...

Case Study 6

Eleanor is currently in need of the twelve steps self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. These and other twelve-step group are based on the premise that the members need to have a spiritual base upon which they can transform their lives. This higher power is the basis of their recovery. Eleanor at this point needs to have the feeling of the higher power to provide divine intervention in her life, to enable her to maintain her sobriety under all the pressure. She also needs to identify her powerlessness in the face of drugs and therefore have a clear view of the consequences of relapsing. There are other non-twelve steps groups she can join for the emotional turmoil she is facing, in addition...

Case Study on the book ” Push” by sapphire

Case Study: “Push” By Sapphire Summary of the “Push” “Push,” tells the story of a young black girl who is exposed to abuse and mistreatment. Claireece “Precious” Jones has her first child at the age of twelve, which follows a repeated raping by her father. Her father began sexually abusing her while she was only three years old. She also falls victim to her mother’s sexual and physical abuse at quite a tender age. A precious mother is a narcissistic person who only thinks about herself who directs her anger towards Precious. The father is an absent figure and only comes around to satisfy his sexual urge. Despite being the age of sixteen, Precious does not know how to read and...

Digital democratic citizenship

Digital Democratic Citizenship: Social networks as a tool to reinvigorate democracy Name Institution Abstract Modern political systems in most countries that aim to reinvigorate democracy tend to use the internet to promote engagement and collaboration with the general public. The use of this digital platforms to enhance and improve democratic space revolves around digital democratic citizenship. Thus, digital democracy aims at using information communication technologies as well as the computer communication systems like the internet, social media and the media for purposes of promoting and encouraging the participation and communication of the general public in matters of good governance and...

Corruption Arrest in Argentina

Case Facts The former vice president of Argentina and other five high-profile government officials have been detained awaiting their trial following corruption allegations. It is also believed that several allies from private sectors in Argentina have been locked up due to misappropriating public funds. The incarceration of the V.P and the co-accused, occurred as president Mauricio Macri has pledged to overturn the culture of impunity in Argentina (Londono & Politi 1). However, according to reports from various sources, it is indicated that President Macri's actions have majorly netted political opponents. Mr. Macri is, therefore, facing charges of manipulating the judiciary system to weaken the...