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Vision and Mission Statement

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Vision and Mission Statement

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Vision and Mission Statements
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Vision and Mission Statements
A good vision statement describes the dream of an organization for a society. It represents what an association would desire to see in a community. A vision statement must clarify the beliefs and central principles of a company. It communicates a community’s hopes for the days to come. On the other hand, a mission statement motivates people into taking action to achieve various goals. It communicates what a company intends to do and reasons for its actions. The components in the vision and mission statements are accomplished by having a good strategy. A strategy allows a company to implement and execute its mission and vision (Gamble, Peteraf, Strickland III, & Thompson, 2016).
The mission statement for for-profit and a nonprofit organization would differ since the goals of the companies is different. A nonprofit organization would seek to engage in activities that benefit the society and whose objectives are not primarily for profit. On the other hand, a for-profit company would seek to provide goods that benefit the society with the primary aim of making a profit.
My current employer has included the critical components in its mission and vision statements. The vision statement is motivating and uplifting all the stakeholders. It is short and e…

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