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Western Science and Technology

Name Instructor Course Date Western Science and Technology The history of western science and technology is one that is of great interest. Magnificent inventions and discoveries have taken place in the western world. Over the centuries, there have vivid changes in the ways humans understand and manipulate the natural world. The West has always been a leader in pioneering such changes. The findings then spread to other non-western regions. These inventions often present solutions to problems that have been persisting at the time. The ideas are either new or a modification of the existing ones (Aikenhead 338). The most remarkable developments in science and technology have been witnessed in the...

What role can social movements play in development?

WHAT ROLE CAN SOCIAL MOVEMENTS PLAY IN DEVELOPMENT? By (Name) Course name Professor’s name Name of Institution City and State where it is located The Date WHAT ROLE CAN SOCIAL MOVEMENTS PLAY IN DEVELOPMENT? Typically, social movements involve individuals or groups of people that desire to bring about developmental change(s). There are various kinds of social movements; each of which delve in diverse aspects of societal development (Della & Diani, 2017, 1-2). The social movements are particular on political and social matters since they look into social changes. The different types of social movements include new movements, radical movements, reform movements and old movements. Each of...

when electric cars take over and oil starts decreasing whatproblems that will cause and its solutions

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Title Date What Would Happen When the Oil Industry Is Taken over by Electric Cars? The automobiles industry has seen a massive transformation and expansion over the past years. With the ever-increasing demand for transportation means, the demand for automobiles has been on the rise. This has resulted in the increased production and consumption of gasoline in the world which largely contributes to environmental pollution. The process of the production of automobiles leads to massive carbon footprints. Cars, specifically, amount to close to one-third of air pollution in the world contributed by different activities ranging from the production of...

Which type of Knowledge Claim is most important to me (and why)

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course title Date Types of knowledge claims The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is important as it challenges individuals to have a critical reflection of the different areas of knowledge and the broad ways of knowing. It increases individuals’ self-awareness for them to think critically and observe the critical role that knowledge plays in the society. The theory of knowledge helps us understand the complexity of knowledge and hence the need to be responsible within the complex and highly interconnected world. Hence, knowledge and the different ways of knowing are central to TOK. Knowledge may refer to the degree with which we know what we claim to know. Given...

workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying Name Institution Workplace bullying can be described as an aspect of the work environment that also entails the behavior of the individuals within this environment. Workplace bullying leads to the creation of an unfavorable working environment that impacts on both the individuals and the organization negatively. However, the human resource management depart has a vital role to play in abating this vice in the workplace to ensure that competitiveness, productivity, and individual’s general wellbeing are attained. This paper, therefore, gives insight into this phenomenon of workplace bullying, the existing forms, its impact, and how the human resource department can redress...


Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Worldview In most cases, the concept of postmodernism has been identified as a relatively difficult term to define its meaning explicitly citing the facts that defining this term would be going against postmodernists perception of the inexistence of absolute truth and definite terms. In the postmodern period, the existence of reality and truth is based on individual preferences rather than science or religious faith. Additionally, the truth and reality in the world through personal preferences is brought about by gender, social classes, culture, religion and personal history. The postmodernists believe that any form of claims regarding truth...

Writer’s choice

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date 3x3 Outline and Email The 3 x 3 outline Prewriting Analyze The purpose is to find the hotel my boss will stay during the conference The boss is friendly, open-minded, and thankful but outspoken. He values personal space, calmness, and decency. Anticipate The boss will be comfortable to attend other business activities such communication with employees and clients He will have time attend personal interests such as golf match and connect new people during his free time He will find the place convenient during an emergency. Adapt I will use email to submit my findings I will be cautious, respectful and friendly when addressing my boss I will also ask for...

Virtue Ethics

Virtue Ethics Name Institutional Affiliation Virtue Ethics The Values in Action Character Strengths Test is very informative as it shows someone his or her strengths and weaknesses. I think the test is very accurate in the way it describes my character strengths. According to the results, honesty is one of my strengths. I agree with it because my friends have always loved my genuine character and the fact that I am not phony. The results of the test prove the readings correct. For example, small acts of kindness over a long period have made me kind. The little acts are equivalent to practicing being kind. It is, therefore, true that humans acquire virtue through practice and the virtues do...

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and Mission Statements Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Vision and Mission Statements A good vision statement describes the dream of an organization for a society. It represents what an association would desire to see in a community. A vision statement must clarify the beliefs and central principles of a company. It communicates a community’s hopes for the days to come. On the other hand, a mission statement motivates people into taking action to achieve various goals. It communicates what a company intends to do and reasons for its actions. The components in the...