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Staffing Practices Paper

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Staffing Practices Paper

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Human Resources

Level: College

Pages: 4

Words: 1100

Staffing Practices
Section I
The section shows the recruitment and selection process for the position of Civil Engineer. The position of Civil Engineer is open at the ABC Company. ABC Company is an engineering firm that deals with the construction of bridges. The major clients of the company are the national governments and also the regional governments. The company is multinational, and its headquarters is based in the New York City in the United States of America. The company has one vacant position of Civil Engineer. The position is open to qualified residents of the United States. The recruitment process aims at encouraging qualified people to apply for the vacancy. Selection process entails choosing one suitable candidate among a pool of applicants. The vacancy has been advertised on the website of the organization. The website is www.abccompany.com. The vacancy is also advertised in all the social media pages of ABC Company like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The applications are accepted in electronic form online. Candidates are required to submit their application letters, resumes and electronic copies of certificates, through the recruitment portal of the company. The deadline for the application is December 20, 2015.
Job Description
The job description illustrates the duties and responsibilities of the Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer will be responsible for designing appropriate bridges for the clients who are majorly the Stat…

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