Human Resources

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Human Resources
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President Barack Obama Revised

President Barak Obama Your name Institution Date Barack Obama was America’s 44th President and the first African American to hold such a position. Obama’s father was a Kenyan know as Senior Barack Obama and His mother was Ann Dunham from Kansas. He was born in Hawaii on 4th August 1961. He was brought up by his grandfather and grandmother. He schooled at Punahou school. Afterwards, he completed his college using student loans and scholarships, Obama obtained a political science degree from Columbia University. Later, he went to Havard Law School in 1991 and received a law degree. He got married to Michelle Robinson Obama on 3rd October 1992. They have two children Malia born in 1998...

Recruitment and Compensation of Employees

Recruiting and Compensation of Employees Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Introduction Employees are essential personnel in driving the daily activities and the operations of the mission and vision statement of an enterprise. Therefore, any organization under the human resource department strives to utilize the available workforce maximum to achieve the primary objective of the firm therein. Recruitment and compensation are the among the core activities of the human resource management in a business (Uggerslev, Fassina & Kraichy, 2012). Recruitment entails the process of selecting and appointing the appropriate employees who possess the job description requirement. Besides, the...

writer’s choice..

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Job Post The job post does not outline the rules of engagement. In every job post, the hiring party should state the form of engagement and provide clear details on the institution that is seeking a subordinate. However, this post is vague and can be written by any person who might have malicious intentions. The non-tenure position is another aspect that can be contended in a court of law (Chitale 506). The reason is that the institution fails to commit itself to the post. I think the post could have tried to be more direct especially putting into perspective that the college is looking for a person who is highly skilled and experienced in the education field. Overall,...

Mitigating Legal Issues

Mitigating Legal Issues Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Mitigating Legal Issues Introduction Most organizations have found themselves in a serious policy challenges as a result of lack of defined policies. To mitigate unforeseen legal challenges, organizations need to have internal regulations that provide direction in case of any conflict. Diversity and sexual harassment policies are two important policies that shape the operations in today’s dynamic organizations. Sara consultancy offers recruitment services in oil and gas industry. This industry requires expertise hence the company’s employees have to operate in a favorable environment to enable them seek the...

persuasive theories revised

Persuasive Theories Name: Institution: Abstract Persuasion in communication is part of human life. The paper defines persuasion as communication that is aimed at influencing or modifying the beliefs, values, beliefs, and attitudes of other people. A person communicating is obligated to make their message persuasive for them to affect another group of people or an individual to buy their beliefs. Persuasion plays a significant role in every aspect of human life that includes political, social, relational, and religious life. There are some models that have been created to help in creating a clear understanding of how persuasion works. The important theories of persuasion that are discussed in...

Human Resource [Tri-Health]

The HR Strategy – The Trihealth Official Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Abstract This research is an evaluation the of human resource functions at Tri-health organization in regard to the kind of medical services the company provides. The analysis is based on the general outlook of the common roles that are consistent with most human resource departments in many organizations across the world. The research further delves into the specific role of human resource especially aspects such as management which is very strategic in shaping the type of composition of human resource in an organization. The long term and short term impacts and effects of roles and rules applying to...

Human Resource Management

Human Resources Management (HRM) Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Human Resource Management (HRM) Discussion 1: What is human capital? Human capital is not necessarily supposed to be humans. When looked into in detail, it is the skill as well as the knowledge that provides an individual with the capability to add economic value to an organization. Alika, Joseph, and Aibieyi in their article defined human capital as improving an individual regarding education and training which means improvement in abilities. When investment is made in human capital, either by educating or training, individuals become beneficial to the organization later since their skills improve organization's performance...

Performance-Based Evaluation

Abstract Staffing plays an instrumental role in providing firms with the relevant task force to facilitate the attainment of organizational objectives. The task of matching employees to the mentioned job description and available position entails a rigorous analysis in which the skills and competencies of every employee are assessed. The ideal candidate must meet the requirements of the firm in terms of academic, ability and personality attributes. The assessment helps the company make informed decisions as to who is the ideal candidate for the job. The paper assesses possible candidates based on the interview, curriculum vitae and cover letters sent for placement at the firm. It identifies Anna and...

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Human Resources Management Post It is my fourth consecutive year workings as an employee in one of the famous and highly competitive firms in the tech market. Within the last three years, the company had lost its creative mojo, and its performance had dropped significantly as a result of no innovations on the company’s product. Most of the blame was directed to the company’s Chief Executives Officer, but a deeper analysis and questioning most of the employees reveals that the actual cause of the current internal issues originated from the HR department office. The main cause of the problem as it appeared to us...