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Social Media Marketing Plan

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Social Media Marketing Plan

Category: Essay

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: University

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Social Media Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
With the current growth in popularity of the use of social media, investing in it is of great concern to any business that aims at increasing its customer base portfolio. This paper is a detailed marketing project plan for the Sandstone Adventure Company. It offers a guideline on how the company management will carry its social media marketing and maintain relevance in the industry. The company has four months in operations hence the need for the management to order the marketing manager to come up with a project plan report on how to expand the company customer base through social media advertisement. The marketing project will be implemented as detailed below;
Brief Overview
Sandstone Adventure is an upcoming company that specializes in offering tourism and hospitality services to both local and international tourists. A majority of the agencies in the industry provides the hard adventure to the low and average-income consumers and thus there existed a gap in the market for that individual in the high-income class who desired to experience the hard adventures. Though their price is relatively high, the services are of high quality and prestigious. They include activities such as helicopter skiing, mountain climbing, and biking. These high-end, prestigious services range from $4,500 to $20,000 per week.
Social Media Presence
Currently, the company’s social network and presence …

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