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Social Media Marketing Plan

Student’s name Instructor Topic Date Social Media Marketing Plan Executive Summary With the current growth in popularity of the use of social media, investing in it is of great concern to any business that aims at increasing its customer base portfolio. This paper is a detailed marketing project plan for the Sandstone Adventure Company. It offers a guideline on how the company management will carry its social media marketing and maintain relevance in the industry. The company has four months in operations hence the need for the management to order the marketing manager to come up with a project plan report on how to expand the company customer base through social media advertisement. The...

Does Sex Sell?

Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Abstract When you get into the advertising industry, you will hear the phrase: sex sells. Marketers normally use radical techniques like sexual imagery to capture the attention of their audience in their advertisement. It refers to sexy or beautiful women and handsome men used to lure viewers, listeners or readers. It is also incorporated by the use of hints of sexual behavior such as flirtatious body language, open posture and eye contact with the viewer. The pervasiveness of the strategy is the fact that most companies believe that sex appeal works well. Sex appeal is an attention getter in marketing ads. In some cases, the products present natural...


Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Abstract As a celebrity, one has to keep tabs on their dressing and their sense of fashion in general as their image away from their work at times influences the number of fans maintained and attracted. A good sense of fashion may also mean more revenue from marketing clothes and beauty products. People will only emulate your sense of style if they believe it is the right one. Rihanna remains to be one of the best-dressed celebrities and has taken advantage of this situation to earn more from the fashion industry. The singer has over time come to be identified with her edgy, fearless, and innovative dressing. She has been dressed by almost every major...

How a company targets their consumers

How a Company Targets Its Customers Student’s name Institution How a Company Targets Its Customers The organization I chose for this paper is McDonald’s, an American fast-food production company which operates worldwide and which headquarters are in Illinois. McDonald’s customers are mainly segmented based on demographics. The company has products designed for kids, families, and students which vary according to the lifestyle of the customers. The use of personal selling in the different company’s outlets enables McDonald’s to determine customers’ needs and preferences. Originally known for the production of hamburgers, the company currently offers a variety of fast foods which...

Integrated approach to understanding consumer behavior at bottom of pyramid

Article Review: Integrated Approach to Understanding Consumer Behavior at Bottom of Pyramid Name Institution The article studies and investigates on the consumer habits of the section of the world that is considered to be the bottom most of the economic pyramid. It looks to address the reasons why they consume, and the different needs that they have in the market. According to the study, “despite income and resource constraints, BoP consumers are sophisticated and creative.” Consumers are good at prioritizing and choosing their consumption patterns. The study concluded that “BoP markets offer profitable opportunities.” (Subrahmanyan & Gomez‐Arias, 2008) This means that firms...


Name Instructor Course Date Marketing Positioning Question It is true that positioning is the key step in marketing a product. This is because effective positioning makes the prospective consumers perceive a given product as a better choice as it appears as if it is more superior to the competing products on determinant attributes (Pechmann and Ratneshwar 145). Influencing the customer’s perception means that a company will have successfully managed to beat the competition and this means increased customer loyalty and this translates to higher profitability. Xbox is an example of a product that has successfully positioned itself. It is positioned as a high-quality product that meets...

marketing communication plan

Student’s Name Professor Course Date Marketing Communication Plan for ShampooEXECUTIVE SUMMARY The retail store is a department store which deals with products beauty products such as body wash, hand cream, cleaning wipes, deodorants and moisturizer among others. However, in the recent days, there has been decreased sales which have necessitated the retail store to reverse to selling shampoo and conditioners. The shampoo is expected to target diverse individuals including men, children, and women. Moreover, the retail shop aims at increasing the sales also to increase the profits. A marketing communication plan is essential to communicate the marketing messages to the potential customers...

Marketing Product Development

Product Development Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract For a fruitful positioning of healthcare products in the market, some considerations must be in place such as product development. What follows should be comprehensive research and an analysis of the needs and the segment markets. There is the regulatory environment that is part of healthcare products that cannot be snubbed. It will continue to play an important role in placing the products on the market. Pricing of the products is one of the factors that affect the positioning of the products. Planning on the pricing in the initial development of the product development process is key. By looking at who shall be paying for products...

Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study

Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Montreaux Chocolate USA Case Study MEMO To: The Management From: Market Research Director Date:…………………………….. Subject:Value Proposition Techniques Customer value is an area that has sparked the interest of market researchers and business owners. Also, it has been identified to be among the critical factors that influence the success of businesses. Therefore, it significant to consider what the customers perceive to be valued. In most cases, customers rate the value of the products they are given against their expectations. The success of a business is dependent on how it enhances their...