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Research proposal of Sierra Leone

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Research proposal for gender and ownership of property, land and other local resources within urban and rural communities in Sierra Leone
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Research Proposal For Gender And Ownership of Property, Land and Other Local Resources within Urban and Rural Communities in Sierra Leone
Nowadays Sierra Leone is facing and experiencing a lot of changes and reforms, dedicated to various spheres of human life and adjusted to challenges, created by the current situation in the world. In order to keep pace with them and ensure our society, that we consider pressing economic points from different prospects and find complex solutions, we’ve studying gender and ownership of property issue, as well as land and other local resources using, resorting statistics and econometric tools.

Conducting this research, we figure out actual level of social inequality, concerning male and female property and how the situation with allotment looks now. What is already known, what percentage of property holders among men is twice as large as among women? It can be explained by the traditional approach towards the legacy social position of the woman, as the dependent member of the family. But such explanation looks quite shallow and therefore we have to continue our research in order to understand general economic and mental motives and how they shift in anot…

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