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International Business – Week Two Discussion Board

The Rise of Globalisation Name Institution Abstract iPhone is my favourite product manufactured by a global company. iPhone is a mobile communication device that is designed and marketed by the Apple Company. The company markets its products all over the world via retail outlets, online shops, direct sales, retailers, resellers and wholesalers. Selling iPhone internationally has several advantages including, increased wealth in countries where sold and increased profit as worldwide distributions allow the company to have a higher profit margin. However, selling iPhone internationally has some drawbacks including, import of counterfeit products and reduced profit during political turmoil....

International Relations 2

International Relations There have been numerous dramatic changes in the global system over the past few years. Some issues have raised concern about the humanitarian intervention, the challenge of national sovereignty. We all need to think about how we understand about conflict and international peace. American has to do a lot of things to ensure there is the preservation of world peace and global security. One of the most critical parts is ensuring that the world educates everyone on the surrounding freedom, safety, and justice. With these studies, we will increase our thinking and knowledge about human needs. Consequently, the American government has done things which led to rising of terrorist...

Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq and Afghanistan Student’s Name Institution Iraq and Afghanistan In broad terms, these two countries have several common characteristics which position them in the world's global map. However, one thing that has prevailed in these nations over the last few decades is a period of persistent and destructive wars which have ruined not only their basic infrastructure but also the lives of the people living in these countries. To be precise, the Iraq and Afghanistan war has set a center stage of all the conflicts experienced in these countries today and in the last few decades. In this case, several weaknesses can be attributed to the current situation experienced in these two Arabic nations....

Research proposal of Sierra Leone

Research proposal for gender and ownership of property, land and other local resources within urban and rural communities in Sierra Leone By Student’s Name The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located Research Proposal For Gender And Ownership of Property, Land and Other Local Resources within Urban and Rural Communities in Sierra Leone Nowadays Sierra Leone is facing and experiencing a lot of changes and reforms, dedicated to various spheres of human life and adjusted to challenges, created by the current situation in the world. In order to keep pace with them and ensure our society, that we consider pressing...

The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission

The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission Name Institution The U.S. Operation Iraq Freedom Mission The U.S military mission in restoring freedom in Iraq was led by Donald Rumsfeld who was the secretary of defense. The task was entitled Operation Iraqi Freedom. Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the Iraq civilian freedom was restrained from them (Fischer 2013). The mission was very hard, but the US military forces managed to succeed in transferring responsibilities to the civilian authority in Iraq. Though Donald Rumsfeld made a mistake for not involving the state department, I believe the party did a splendid job for...

The Use of Drones

The Use of Drones Student’s Name Institution The Use of Drones Question #A Over the last decade, drones have become an integral part of technological advancement in the western countries and the Asian region. In a technical perspective, drones are unmanned aerial automotive machines popularly identified as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In this case, a drone is a special type of an aircraft of any size that flies on its own or in the absence of an onboard pilot but rather controlled remotely or autonomously. Over time, drones have always been considered as warfare machinery until recently when its application has been expounded to include commercial delivery of goods to consumers. The...

What are some of the important lessons of the regime change operations?

What Are Some Of The Important Lessons Of The Regime Change Operations? Name: Institution: Date: In the past and recent times many parts of the world have witnessed political instability and armed conflicts. In most cases, the struggle for power is at the center of the instabilities and armed conflicts. In the process, some leaders resort to dictatorship to suppress those opposing their rule, and as a result thousands, mostly civilians lose their lives. The US being a superpower has been in the forefront to help affected nations return power to the right leaders through regime change operations. Some of the countries where the US has spearheaded regime change operations include Afghanistan,...

Feminism International Relation Theory

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Feminism in International Relations International relations form a significant part of the political discussions of nation states. The advent of nation-states sets the groundwork for foreign affairs as countries interacted. It was characterized by the relationships between states and diplomatic relations. However, after the two world wars, international relations evolved as it adopted a different approach aimed at preventing war. However, this basic understanding undermined the real character of international relations. Various theories such as realism, constructivism, and liberalism have been advanced to explain the nature of...


Brexit Student’s name: Institutional affiliation: Abstract Brexit, approved by a majority of the Britons ended the long debate whether the future of the country should fall outside or still be within the boundaries of European Union (EU). The political and economic debate has been the key factors running the show with supporters and opposers almost equally divided in numbers. The supporters based their facts on the long-term benefits of the move while the contenders viewed the short-term problems as catastrophic enough to have the country prefer to stay within the EU. Brexit according to several economists and researchers shows a promising future in terms of trade and investment within the...