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Research on Reactor Safety Design

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Nuclear Reactor Safety Design

Nuclear reactor safety design
There has been increased quest for the establishment of nuclear energy processing plants internationally. It is beyond doubt that nuclear energy production has been a driving factor in the progress of human civilization. However, there have been evident catastrophes which are posed by a minor failure in such plants. In the Swedish nuclear for example, there was recently a simple power failure which has alarmed the safety of the plants (Qvist & Greenspan, 2014). The production of the world electricity by nuclear power reactors has risen to almost sixteen percent. As this scope is expanded, at the front and center of focus is the safety of materials used.
The principle of defense-in-depth is one which pertains the safety design of nuclear power plants. The safety issue is of great concern due to the prevalent accident which at times are caused by earthquakes and tsunamis which imply that more resistant materials be used. Based on the defense in depth principle, there are a couple of measures which ought to be put in place aiming at preventing reactor damage and detrimental radiation effects (Boy & Schmitt, 2013). This safety measure is achieved by constructing the reactor with multiple mutually redundant structures which are successive.
Implementation of the safety functions is achieved in five levels of protection which are successive. The first and second standards are …

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