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Trigger Points

Trigger Points Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date of Submission Many individuals experience the ill effects of touchy spots in muscles, frequently called trigger points or muscle hitches. But trigger point treatment is not rocket science! You simply require a decent choice of reasonable alternatives such as inventive tips, traps, bits of knowledge and viewpoints, in light of the recent science and years of clinical experience. Myofascial trigger point is a touchy spot in a substantially rigid band of skeletal muscle strands. Two imperative clinical attributes of trigger points, alluded agony and nearby jerk reaction, can be evoked by mechanical incitement (palpation or needling)....

Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both?

Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both Your name Institution Date Is Pain Physical, Mental or Both Pain refers to a variety of unpleasant emotional and sensory experiences that have connections with potential or actual damage to the tissue. It is impossible for people to ignore pain. The best way to treat any sickness depends on the doctor's knowledge of the different causes and qualities of pain that the patient experiences. The noxious stimuli reactivity and sensitivity are vital to the survival and well-being of an organism. Pain travels through them to send signals to the brain. There are two types of pain namely chronic or acute pain. Chronic pain refers to a pain that lasts for a longer...

The effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity

Determination of Rate of Enzyme Activity of Catalase Name of the Student Professor’s Name Determination of Rate of Enzyme Activity of Catalase Background Enzymes are organic catalysts that are used to increases the rate of a biochemical reaction. They are mainly made of proteins. However, ribonucleic or deoxyribonucleic acids may also act as enzymes under specific circumstances (Kraut, Carroll, & Herschlag, 2003). Enzymes act by lowering the activation energy of the substrates to form products. Activation energy is defined as the minimum energy required for substrates to combine, and get converted to its respective products. Enzymes lower this...

Useful Invertebrates for the Medical and Research Communities

Useful Invertebrates for the Medical and Research Communities Student’s name Institutions name Introduction Invertebrates are animals that do not have or develop a vertebral column. They form the largest percentage of Kingdom Animalia. Invertebrates are found both on land and water that include insects and Seastars respectively, just for examples. Insect forms the largest number of the invertebrates (Bruckner, 2002). Their contribution to medicine is commendable. Some of the invertebrates that produce medicinal products includes corals, seahorse, blowflies, and grasshoppers. Corals are invertebrates from the class Anthozoa of the cnidarian phylum. They are marine animals and contribute to...

Write a research and position paper discussing the significance of Genetically Modified Organisms

Research and Position Paper on Genetically Modified Organisms Student’s Name Course University/Department Introduction Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are those organisms whose genetic material and content have been altered through the techniques of genetic engineering. These organisms are also called transgenic organism since the original gene of these organisms are modified. These organisms are used in food production and form the basis of various scientific researches. GMOs are categorized...

Genetic information

Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date Genetic InformationGenetic information is vital to medical management and care, particularly when that information is required as an input in predicting that risk that the patient has for common diseases. This is on the understanding that genetics science and research presents new technology and information that aid the medical services in improving public health outcomes. It is important to remember that disease is the result of interaction between human and environmental factors, as well as genetics. As such, genetic information acts as an important evidence point for making decisions concerning health improvement and disease prevention by...

Photophobia- eye’s disorder.

Photophobia Name Institution Photophobia Introduction Photophobia is a debilitating medical condition that primarily affects the eye to introducing light sensitivity, although that is just a functional symptom that does not have a specific organ basis. It is presented as an abnormal eye sensitivity or aversion to light, explaining its nomenclature: ‘photo’ the Greek word for light and ‘phobia’ Greek word for fear. Individuals suffering from the condition complain of exacerbated eye discomfort or even pain when exposed to increasing light that should otherwise not have been uncomfortable (Muchnick, 2008). It is a common primary complication arising from eye conditions that include...

Effects of Grazing Animals on Soil biology

Effect of Grazing Animals on Soil Biology Student’s Name Professor’s Name Effect of Grazing Animals on Soil Biology The endeavor of soil biologists is to improve upon the biological functions of soil for the sustenance of various ecosystems. The procedures include stabilizing the soil structure, effective nutrient cycling and degradation and detoxification of toxicants. Such processes occur naturally, by the interactions between various abiotic and biotic communities. Various studies have indicated that improper soil management practices impact biological function of soils (Wardle, 2002). They can enhance or degrade the microbial habitat which produced mutualism between each other....

Factsheet on endangered Species.

Name Instructor Course Date Factsheet on endangered species: Elephants. Elephants are among the biggest mammals to have ever graced the face of the earth. They are currently an endangered species at the verge of extinction. Their existence has been threatened mainly by human activities and cultures, which consider their tusks a valuable item making them subject to threats such as poaching. There are numerous societies and organizations that have emerged all over the world to help in the protection of elephants. Bulls reach a length of 18 to 21 feet and weigh up to 13,200 pounds, while cows are about two feet shorter and weigh half as much (World Animal Foundation ). Facts Population There...