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Power Dynamics

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Power Dynamics

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Masters

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Power Dynamics
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Power Dynamics
Power plays a critical role with regards to the accomplishments of duties, job satisfaction, and realization of professional goals. Power is necessary for a nurse to be efficient in her work, influence her fellow healthcare practitioners, and create impacts on the wellbeing of patients. Nonetheless, when misused, power may have adverse impacts on the ability of the nurse to discharge her duties. Accordingly, it is imperative that nurses utilize their power to inspire and create an ideal environment for patients and their colleagues.
The concept of power is the ability of a nurse to be able to influence an individual or a group so that they can acknowledge different ideas even to those against their will. Thus, according to Sepasi et al. (2016), a nurse who has the power is purposeful, professional in her duties, exhibits professional communication, empathizes with her patients and works under the shadow of human values and work ethics. The ability to influence others yet makes the best decisions for the wellbeing of all the stakeholders is evidence of being a powerful nurse.
The belief on influence described above has a significant impact on the views I hold as a nurse leader. Power exists in two main dimensions: “power to” and “power over” (Cruz et al., 2009). “Power to” refers to the ability to act according to healthcare ethics, principles, and values, efficacy to achieve go…

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