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Safety and quality improvement

Safety and Quality Improvement Student’s Name Institution’s Name Safety and Quality Improvement Health facilities all around the world struggle each day to get the sick back on their feet. Often at times the process of caring for the ill results in more disastrous situations than when the patient visited the health facility; mostly due to medication errors (Errors, 2016). Unsafe healthcare, if at all medication errors can be called so, has proved challenging globally resulting in studies getting conducted to understand the causes, consequences, and solutions. Medication errors may happen in a hospital setting or at home (Almoajel, 2017). When medication errors occur in the hospital, some of...

Shortage of nurses in the United States

Shortage of Nurses in the United States Name Institution Identification of the Issue Workload is an issue that has been witnessed in the nursing industry for a long time in the United States. The issue of shifts and working hours has led to a significant shortage of nurses in the health sector. Study research done in most hospitals in the United States found that nurses worked for 37hours across all roles in the hospital. It is an indication of the workload that is evident in most hospitals across the United States. The workload has led to many nurses to leave their jobs and seek alternative careers. The issue of pay has also been identified as another factor that has led to the shortage of...

Statement of Purpose 3

Abstract One crucial area of public health that receives low coverage in most developing nations is mental health care since the number of psychiatric nurses in these states is inadequate. To provide effective mental health care, it is essential for a nation to have enough psychiatric nurses through providing adequate training and education in the field. I would prefer to be a mental health practitioner in Africa since most of the countries are characterized by low income that makes them face health problems high prevalence of communicable diseases, low life expectancy, and malnutrition. Due to the high number of health problems faced by developing nations, policymakers are not likely to emphasize...

Technological Healthcare

Technological Healthcare Name Institution Affiliation Date Introduction A significant population utilizes the mobile devices for information exchange. The technology has proved to be useful in the healthcare sector through the use of the mobile devices to promote healthcare service delivery. Telecare technology is an essential, valuable technology in the Healthcare institutions. The technology advancement improves the patient safety thus enhancing service delivery. It involves the telecare systems can help in detecting problems (Hayes & Blais, 2016). The system can monitor the minor falls and provide an alert to the healthcare providers. Electronic health records are essential for data...

The making of a nurse

The Making of a Nurse Student's Name Institution The first core value that influences my interaction with others, as well as my nursing career, is empathy and ability to care for others. I value above all things sensitivity to people's situations, emotions, and experiences. The experiences of the patient provide essential background knowledge that assists in the process of problem-solving. To efficiently support patients, I understand that nurses must care for and empathize with them at all times. The second core value is communication. As a nurse, the way I handle conversation between my clients and me will inevitably determine whether they will feel helped or not. Excellent communication...

Weight Adjusted Dosing

Weight-Adjusted Dosing Author’s Name Institution Weight-Adjusted Dosing The CDC points out that over one-third, equivalent to 36.5% of the adult population in the United States is obese (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, 2017). Due to these findings, there is a need to adopt the administering of drugs based on the body mass index or body surface area. It has been established that using the fixed-dosing regimen is more convenient as compared to the weight-adjusted dosing schedule for both the care providers and the patients. However, the weight-adjusted regimen promotes safety and efficacy as compared to the fixed-dosing treatment when it comes to a certain population or...

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Creative Writing Nursing / Life Self-Care Plan Name Institution Life Self-Care Wheel The wheel of life is a good tool for excising and measuring how every individual is balancing their lives and gaining success in all aspects of life. It is a common tool used in coaching and in trying to help people set life goals that are achievable. It encompasses all aspects of life including; emotional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, social, and physical (Lawson & Myers, 2011). Nursing as a profession involves caring for the well-being of patients throughout their illnesses, thus it creates distress and imbalances in the lives of the nurses (Sanchez-Reilly, Morrison, Carey, Bernacki, O'Neill, Kapo...

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Module 2: Capstone Project – SMART Goals and Project Objectives Name: Date: Overview: Capstone Project – Smart Goals and Project Objectives In this assignment, you will locate and summarize content of 2 articles on the use of SMART goals/objectives: what they are, how they are used, and why they are effective. Assignment must contain citations and references in correct APA format. You will also select 3 peer reviewed articles that address your chosen focus area for your Capstone Project and create 3-5 goals/objectives for your Capstone Project using the SMART Goals/Objective format. Objectives Summarize 2 articles discussing what SMART goals are, how they are used, and/or why they can be an...

Research Proposal

Research Proposal Name Institutional Affiliation Research Proposal Introduction Stress is one of the lifestyle conditions that affect a significant number of the modern population. The study by FitzGerald, Kehoe, and Sinha (2009) indicates that when patients have an inadequate response mechanism to stress they are likely to suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome. The study is significant in that it provides an amicable mechanism to resolve the challenges that people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome encounter. The need for the research is justified as the primary aim of treatment is to ensure that individuals lead healthier lives later. Thus, when stress hampers those living with...