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Please see attachment with 2 questions

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The Great War and the Spread of Fascism in Europe.
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The Great War and the Spread of Fascism in Europe.
Question 1.
The economic conditions in Europe after World War I, formed an ideal breeding ground for the development of fascism. The economic depression that occurred from 1929 after the stock market crash, affected both American and European nations. The climate of high unemployment rates and social turmoil took control in many countries. The socialist and the Marxist parties rose against the industrialist parties that always had the support of the church. Benito Mussolini took advantage of the political and the social crisis in Italy to form the Fascist regime (Fussell, 2009). Fascism was an ideology that combined many other doctrines such as productivist, nationalistic and the elitist ideologies. Mussolini made sure that the innate violence that was associated with his regime remained invisible so that he could be admired by many people because of the public works programs, the discipline and the order that he had instilled upon his country. Germany felt humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles as it was forced to compensate the allies for all the damage they had incurred due to the World War I.
Germany was also facing a severe economic depression like many other countries in Europe. Many leaders in Europe associated this great depression with the failures of capitalism. Adolf Hitler allied with the extreme right i…

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