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Why do some consider the use of Native American-themed mascots offensive?

Student`s Name Professor`s Name Course Title Date of Submission Why Do Some Consider the Use of Native American-Themed Mascots Offensive? America has had a history of “playing with the Indians” that dates back to the colonial and independence period. This involves using words and material culture of the Native Americans without understanding the context of such materials. Sports play a vital role in the American society as it provides a means of entertainment and identity. Hence every sports team has a way of identifying itself with the fan through mascots and names, of which some are considered offensive to the Native American community. Since the 1960s, there have been many protests in...

words total) Jeffersonianism & The Age of Excess (See you tube video in instructions)

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Jeffersonianism and the Age of Excess Gilded Age (1877-1900) presented challenges to American citizens (Reiman). Although different from today, one can conclude that age of excess is repeating itself in our time. It was characterized by racism, inequality, government’s insensitivity to people’s problems and organized conflicts. It is antagonistic to Jeffersonianism; the concepts that stress on individual’s rights and development of both agriculture and rural society. These issues exist in the modern societies. However, both the gilded period and modern times have differences that unlike today’s societies that suffer inflation, Gilded was...

The Government and the Economy

Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: In what ways does the government oversee and regulate the U.S. economy Some strategies and laws have been put in place by the government, like tax laws which control the country's economy. This strategy re putting in place to see the growth of a healthy economy that can raise adequate revenue to facilitate the government's responsibility to serve its citizens. The first strategy used is through fiscal policy, comprising of tax and spending policy, the other is the monetary policy which aims at keeping the inflation and unemployment rate low. Also, regulatory policy is used to prevent market failure through business regulations that affect...

The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763 Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The term proclamation is used to refer to any formal announcement or declaration. Thus, the declaration of 1763 refers to a declaration made by King George III of the British empire. The statement was effected following the end of the French and the Italian wars and the British territory. The proclamation of 1763 was meant to conciliate the Indian populations by keeping in check the advancement of settlers on their land. This essay focuses on the declaration of 1763 and its effects as well as the purposes set to be achieved under this declaration. It is worth noting that this announcement aroused a lot of...

The Slave Ship

Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The Slave Ship Marcus Rediker’s The Slave Ship: A Human History gives the accounts of human suffering and terror underwent by African captives and seamen as they navigated to the New World on slave ships during the eighteenth century. Rediker incorporates naval records, chronicles, and references to recreate and explicate in detail the account of the British slave ships during the slave trade. Rediker gives a different perspective distinct from most studies on slavery by focusing specifically on the ship as another site of terror and violence. He offers four different encounters or ‘human dramas’ on the ships that include the interactions between the...

The treatment of Latinos in the U.S. workforce

The Treatment of Latinos in the U.S. Workforce Student Institution Date Introduction United State of comprised of people from all over the world and each of the ethnicity has its unique contribution to the economic development. However, adverse media, poor public policies and adverse impacts of capitalism have led to sentiments against some of the minority communities in the U.S. for instance; there is unfair treatment of the Latinos in the workforce promoted by media, politics, historical injustices, and poverty (Fraga, 2010). For a society to cultivate coexistent among all the diversities, it is essential to ensure justice for all and ensure there is a fair trial. Interview Analysis The...

To what extent were Native American groups impacted by westward expansion?

AName: Instructor: Course: Date: Extent of the impact of the Westward Expansion on Native Americans The 19th century brought a lot of changes to America and its surrounding soil. One of such events was when white settlers started to expand to the west. The desire to become rich quickly highly contributed to this expansion. There was the idea of wanting to “protect” the native people since they were deemed weak. Before the colonization, there were about 10million native people. But once the establishment and closure of the frontier took place, only 400,000 were confirmed present. The few that remained were subjected to various hardships, ("Bureau Of Indian Affairs (BIA) | Indian Affairs.")....


Name: Tutor: Class: Date of Submission: The global fair-trade movement has been growing significantly in recent years. The movement is working to build equitable and sustainable trading partnerships and create opportunities to alleviate poverty around the world. What is the purpose of the Fair Trade Federation? (5 points) The purpose of the Fair Trade Federation is strengthening and promoting organizations based in North America so that they can be fully devoted to free and fair trade. The association is a member of the international trade movement, and as such, it also purposed to establish equitable and sustainable trade partnerships as well as create trade opportunities with the aim...

Margaret of Anjou

Professor’s name Student’s name Course name Date Wars of the Roses The War of the Roses were brief civil wars which started at around the early 1450s and went through to 1485. It was a war among fought among the Lancaster, Houses of York and also finally Tudor and their allies. Margaret contributed significantly to these Wars of Roses first when she married King Henry IV of England and got dedicated to leading the Houses of Lancaster especially in when her husband falls fatally ill- a spell of insanity. She was also committed to supporting the king's reign after his recovery in 1455. She organized several campaigns through their supporters. She was the most cunning strategist queen in...