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Networked Services

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Networked Services

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: IT Technology

Level: Academic

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

Denial of service on Apache
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Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are high and sadly up to now there is no way to end the attack. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate them. We shall use a linux based system to carry out the study since it is the most secure operating system yet it is being attacked. We first define relevant terms in the study then look at the vulnerabilities of Apache, checking if your server is under a DoS attack, and the mitigations techniques available up to date. We shall try the mod_evasive mitigation technique and test its impact. We see this technique blocking IP addresses that request a resource
Table of Contents
Denial of Service2
Apache vulnerabilities2
Types of DoS attacks2
Checking if your linux is under a DoS attack3
Detecting a TCP/IP Denial of Service Attack. 3
Detecting if a UDP denial of Service is targeting the server. 3
Detecting a SYN flood with netstat 4
Ways to mitigating DoS attack in Apache. 4
Mitigating a slow HTTP DoS Attack4
Using traffic-shaping modules4
Usage of third party software 5
Using mod_evasive for Apache 5
Implementation of using mod_evasive for Apache 6
Step 1- Installation of mod_evasive 5
Step 2- Verification of the Installation 6
Step 3- Configuration of mod_evasive 7
Step 4- L…

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