IT Technology

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IT Technology
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A review of the book zero day by Mark Russinovich

Name Instructor Date Review of the book: Zero Day by Mark RussinovichExecutive Summary: If in case you are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring cyber security in a company or a system, this story is of great support. This book is significant in the prevention of cyber crime and is important to both the IT professionals and the others from various fields. It gives detailed information of the various aspects of the Anonymous, the LulzSec, as well as the broad hacker movement. It does so by citing relevant examples of the effects of the activities of activists in various fields. It is, therefore, one of the best books in the world to read when interested in knowing more about cyber...

Vulnerabilities at Work

Vulnerabilities at Work Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The modern work environment has become increasingly interconnected. The increasing reliance on networks is an advantage, but can also pose major challenges to security. The greatest vulnerability in networks for organizations is unpatched networks. The reason for this is the possibility of hacking using this vulnerability. Hackers have a major security impact to organizations, ranging from simple denial or service to stealing of vital information and using it to harm the company. Simple patching of networks is necessary, but this is not the solution. This is because without identifying it, remedies cannot be put. The...

Particulars of the UPS

I have observed that there is need to shed more light to the college management on the particulars of an UPS. An UPS refers to the Uninterrupted-Power-Supply. It has got a battery to maintain the power during instances of power outbreak. As such, it keeps the machine or computer working for a while after the power breakout. By so doing, it enables the PC users to save all the documents to prevent loss as a result of the power loss. Currently, there are various UPSs that have a software components that enable the individual to automate the backup of the machine. When that happens, the machine is in a position to save the documents automatically before it shuts down. There are at least two types of...

Decision Support System revised

Decision Support System Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Decision Support System A decision support system is an interactive, flexible computer based system that is specially developed to support the solution of a non-structured problem In management for the purpose of an improved decision-making process (Turban & Aronson, 2001). This system utilizes data from the recorded data in an organization and allows the manager to have a personal insight. The growing urge to provide the management with an information system that can assist them in most decision-making processes has promoted the development of different decision support systems (Turban & Aronson, 2001). In this case, all...

Different IT questions

Name Course Tutor Date 1. Explain how the designers of the product went wrong in designing the instant soup containers The design of a product can is one of the contributing factors of ensuring the safety of the product when being used by a customer. How a product is designed ensures that customers using the product cannot be harmed in any way when using it. The design of instant soup cups was wrong from the initial design. Having round bases and being tall and narrow and lightweight lowers the center of gravity that renders the container unstable. The containers have the inappropriate height and base ratio. The best way to combat any risk occurring is to redesign the cups and implementing a...

Networked Services

Denial of service on Apache Your NameName of Your Department Name of Your Institution Date Summary Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are high and sadly up to now there is no way to end the attack. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate them. We shall use a linux based system to carry out the study since it is the most secure operating system yet it is being attacked. We first define relevant terms in the study then look at the vulnerabilities of Apache, checking if your server is under a DoS attack, and the mitigations techniques available up to date. We shall try the mod_evasive mitigation technique and test its impact. We see this technique blocking IP addresses that request a resource Table of...

Business Systems Analysis and Design

For easier visualisation and implementation of the project, it has been divided into four stages: 1) Cask procurement and initial inspection; 2) Whisky production; 3) Whisky harvesting and blending; and, 4) Post-harvesting cask inspection. Through the structured approach, it is possible and easy to visualise all the information flow stages throughout the process. For instance, it allows the company to visualise all the stages involved in the whisky production from procurement of the casks to the harvesting and blending of the same. While most production processes are internally undertaken, Bilston engages external parties in the whisky production process. These primarily act as cask suppliers...

A common sale transaction

Name Tutor Course Date A common sale transaction Large economic entities in the globe engage an effective platform where they have installed technological software to spur their activities. Evidently, the approach associates effectiveness where they want to ensure that their tasks are efficient in order to uphold the customer’s loyalty. In addition, they engage it with a view of ensuring scrutiny and accuracy in the performance of tasks. The approach is intrinsic in the calculation of profits and revenue contribution where the software has been incorporated with the taxation authorities where tax is automatically deducted in the performance of the transaction. It is a task which associates...

Algorithms and Time Complexity

Algorithms and Time Complexity Name Institution Algorithms and Time Complexity Time complexity in algorithms is what quantifies the time taken by an algorithm to be executed as a function of the command representing the input. It is commonly expressed using the big O notation. This notation includes coefficients and lower order terms. When expressed in this manner, the time complexity is termed to be described asymptotically. The space complexity is a computational resource describing the resource of memory space available for a deterministic turing machine. It is used to represent the amount of memory space that a physical computer would require to be able to solve a specific...