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Market Segmentation

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Market Segmentation

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Marketing

Level: Masters

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Words: 275

Market Segmentation
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A market segment can be defined as a group of individuals that tend to be relatively homogeneous with similar product/service needs, motivation and purchase behavior among other factors. Various factors normally influence buyers to purchase certain goods/services. Some of these factors may be employed to segment the buyers. A firm will normally use various segmentation criteria or bases to classify the buyers and create real value for them. The paper is about the bases that a clinic may use to segment the female market. Female members of the family normally face health challenges that are influenced by various factors such as demographic factors, psychographic factors, and geographic factors among others. Women who are associated with unique aspects of these factors normally come to look for medical services due to their unique needs and resources. However, from the marketer’s perspective, there are often sufficient similarities between individual people to warrant classifying them into segments.
Keywords: Segmentation, ethnicity, income level, female market
Market Segmentation
The clinic may segment the female market based on age, income level, and ethnicity. Considering age, the segmentation could be old, middle-aged and young. For instance, for those aged 45-65 years, the clinic should ensure the coverage of those diseases prevalent in the age group such as obesity, arthritis, and…

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