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Journal Entry-renal disorder

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Journal Entry-renal disorder

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

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Journal Entry-Renal Disorder

Journal Entry-Renal Disorder
The patient I am going to discuss is J.D who I observed during this week’s practicum experience. J.D is a 54-year old male patient who has a history of renal disease. Moreover, J.D also has high blood pressure which has significantly contributed to the current condition. Regarding family history, J.D’s father and grandfather have also experienced renal disorders in the past. J.D was diagnosed with the renal disorder last month and has been getting primary care at the health care facility.
Drug therapy and treatment for J.D will be aligned with the underlying causes of the condition. Firstly, J.D will be given medication to reduce their high blood pressure levels. In this case, medications such as angiotensin II receptor blockers will be recommended by the doctor as a way reducing blood pressure and preserving kidney function. Additionally, J.D will also be provided with medication to relieve swelling of legs as a result of the high blood pressure medication he is taking. Furthermore, the treatment will also involve a recommendation of a low protein diet to reduce waste products in J.D’s blood (Mayo Clinic, 2018). In case the disorder progresses, J.D will have to undergo a renal replacement therapy (Arora & Batuman, 2018).
For J.D follow-up care is critical to ascertain where the renal disorder is stable or has advanced. Additionally, the follow-ups will also focus on monitoring…

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