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In your opinion what is the greatest challenge your generation will face? What ideas do you have for dealing with it?

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In your opinion what is the greatest challenge your generation will face? What ideas do you have for dealing with it?

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The greatest challenge that my generation will face.
Over the past decade or two, technological advancement in the world has taken a very drastic leap. In many aspects this is positive in the sense that it helps to solve many problems that humanity faces each day. But like many other things that are in existence, technological advancement also has its downsides.
The radical rate of change of technological inventions itself is one of its mishaps. One may purchase a new type of gadget or tool, especially electronic, for personal, business or industrial use and in a few months or years will be forced to purchase new types since the initial one will have been outdated. One is therefore forced to spend a lot of money from time to time in keeping up with the technological trends.
The emergence of online social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram among many others, has created a false sense of belonging especially among the youth. Yes, it’s simpler when they are used as tools for marketing or meeting new people but they have created a new problem in the society especially in an ethical perspective. Vices such as cyber bullying have emerged where malicious persons get to harass, insult and abuse others online. Things such as pornography and drug abuse also get to be exposed even to underage kids who may be on the net.
Online money transfer and payment methods such as Paypal, MasterCard and Visa have been exploited by malicious people who use technology to rob other innocent people of their money over the internet by using worms and viruses to infiltrate their PC’s and getting their financial information.
Over the years, advancement in technology has also consequently led to new discoveries in the field of war. New technology such as the Atomic and Nuclear bombs have led to mass killings and suffering to the victims involved. Nuclear attacks such as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing have led to genetic defects being integrated in the genes of the victims and these defects have been passed down to generations by their predecessors. The nuclear technology has also led to the sense of tension of a nuclear apocalypse in the world where the nations with nuclear bombs may go into war and the effect may be so devastating that it could wipe away the whole of humanity.
Technology has also led to the loss or abandonment of culture practices and values among the various cultures present in different parts of the world. People are convinced by the various sources of fashion and similar information on the internet and on TV about various trends and changes and they end up abandoning their own culture for a new way of life.
New forms of technology come with new forms of threats to the environment. There have been instances of new technology that is being used especially in the production and manufacturing industry that is harmful to the environment. There may be new forms of harmful chemicals or gases that when released into the environment, lead to pollution of the soil, water and even the atmosphere.
There may not be an escape from the issue of the advancement of technology because to be able to live, work and enjoy life today, once has to keep up with the changes and trends. However, a person can decide to be keen that before making a choice on what type of new technology to use, they research about it and end up choosing the right and secure type of technology.

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