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Presentation or speech
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Name Course College Date Marijuana Marijuana, also known as Cannabis, originates from the cannabis plant and it’s a psychoactive drug used for recreational or medical purposes. Its use started being common in the 1970s however its possession and use remains illegal in most countries. As stated by Lisdahl and Jenessa (679), marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the world today. Often, it is used for its physical effect; the heightened mood. The high feeling comes from a chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (Bolla et al., 1337). Its effects are felt minutes after smoking but longer when eaten after cooking. These effects can be short term or long term but normally last...

USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team

Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team Women engagement in sport is associated with a long history. Ideally, the history is marked by discrimination and division. Besides, the history is filled with key accomplishments with important advances and female athletes for the empowerment of girls and women and gender equality. Gender inequality in soccer needs to be addressed to grasp the complete potential for soccer as a pathway for empowerment and gender equality of girls and women (Oglesby 13). The USA men soccer team is found to take a lot of money compared to the women soccer team despite women winning the additional...

Elder law speech

The Summary of the Elder Law to a Group of Elderly People Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The Summary of the Elder Law to a Group of Elderly People I stand before as an attorney, friend, and an ally of the elderly. My name is John F. Murray from the HG. Org. Today I’m here to enlighten you on the Elderly Law which is a legal specialty on the myriad of issues that affect the senior citizens. The law is meant to prepare the aging (above 60 years) in gaining autonomy and financial freedom by providing long-term options of care received and the correct means of financial planning (Frolik & Kaplan, 2014). The development of the law was resulted into by the increased lifespan...

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior can have a huge impact in determining the effectiveness of the marketing strategy implemented in an organization. The first step in designing the appropriate marketing strategy to use in promoting a certain product is to first get into the minds of potential consumers. This is because the purchasing decisions made by consumers are shaped by different factors ranging from consumer preferences to other external and internal influences in the business environments such as family, culture, and the status of the economy. Thus, before designing a marketing strategy, it is crucial for organizations to understand consumer behavior and the certain influences that determine their purchasing...

Feminism International Relation Theory

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Name: Date: Feminism in International Relations International relations form a significant part of the political discussions of nation states. The advent of nation-states sets the groundwork for foreign affairs as countries interacted. It was characterized by the relationships between states and diplomatic relations. However, after the two world wars, international relations evolved as it adopted a different approach aimed at preventing war. However, this basic understanding undermined the real character of international relations. Various theories such as realism, constructivism, and liberalism have been advanced to explain the nature of...

The Globe

The Globe When I contemplate about the globe, I view it as one dewdrop dotted and striped with islands and continents flying through space with other stars all shining together and this makes me view the globe appear as an inestimable storm of beauty. The oceans are everything they cover two-thirds of the territorial globe its breath is healthy and pure. The globe is an immense desert where loneliness is never an issue for life stirring on all spheres. The globe reveals much about me am a passionate traveler, and my career in the hospitality industry truly fits in my passion in life. Travelling is of great value in my life, and this significantly influences my sentimental attachment to the globe...

Speech Revised

How to Start a Business Name Institution Affiliation Ladies and gentlemen, good morning? How many of you can go throughout the week without buying anything? Business is the easiest thing to do that people do not know how to start. It doesn’t require anyone to be rich or to have a lot of cash to start a business. There are several ways in which an individual can use the limited cash that s/he has to start and manage a business successfully. I will be taking you through some of the factors that one has to put into consideration when starting a business with limited initial capital. Let us look at some of the ways in which an individual can start a business using the minimum initial capita...

Online Shopping

To: Instructor From: Win PhyuDate: January 8, 2018 Work Plan Memo Statement of the problem Since the invention of the internet, people have reduced their meeting, what traditionally required assembly gets done through the internet. Shopping is no exception as many people have resorted to doing their shopping online. Stores like Amazon and Alibaba have made fortunes as online marketplaces. Like traditional physical shopping, it is worth understanding what motivates online shoppers. With each passing day, society tends to prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. Today, the internet of things (IoT) makes online shopping a daily exercise. For example, Amazon's Alexa makes online shopping...

Muscular Dystrophy Revised

Muscular Dystrophy Author Institution Author’s Notes Muscular Dystrophy The condition refers to a collection of genetic disorders that slowly affects the muscles causing weakness and eventually lead to disability. The conditions are usually mild in the initial stages but worsen over time, on the onset a muscle group is affected but towards the end, the symptoms move to other muscles. It is not a life-threatening condition unless heart and lung muscles are affected CITATION Ara00 l 1033 (Arahata, 2000). There is no known cure for Muscular Dystrophy (MD), but the treatment involves the management of the symptoms to enable the patient to live a near normal life. Etiology In every...