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Rights Ethics

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Rights Ethics Immigrants and refugees originating from war-torn nations have a right to get a college education and also access job opportunities enjoyed by Americans citizens. I believe that these human beings deserve a better life to give them hope since they have nowhere else to go since their nations are chaotic and dangerous. Immigrants and refugees can become a great resource when utilized well. Instead of segregating and discriminating them, I think they need to be integrated into the society so they can live a healthy life. I believe that when the war and...

Taking a Moral stand

Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Date of Submission Taking a Moral Stand I found myself in a peer group when I was enrolled in a certain academic institution. There were six members in the group. We were of the same age, background, and gender. In this peer group, members were expected to contribute and support each other during the crisis. When one of us had a problem, we could come together and help. The norm that held us together was that of assisting each other, emotionally, financially and psychologically. Once in my life, I decided to withhold my financial support to one of the peer group members since I felt like I was giving too much. The individual did not...

Thesis statement

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Thesis Statement In a recent study by the Pentagon, there has been a 50% increase in the cases of sexual harassment and rape occurrences in the American army forces. The report indicates that more than 26,000 military personnel were sexually agitated in 2014 alone, with only 3,370 cases being reported (Cooper, 14). Based on this data by the Pentagon, clearly, the subject of sexually related assault incidences in the U.S.A is a significant matter of concern that needs to be addressed keenly and exhaustively. This paper will provide a critical and detailed analysis of the immediate ethical issue concerning the increased cases of rape and sexual...

Topic proposal for final project

M1A1: Final Paper Topic Proposal Topic Proposal Ethical Dilemma in doing well or doing the right thing. Research Question Why is it not easy to do well as well as do right by the National Security Professionals? The professionals in the National Security agencies have been torn apart on deciding on whether to do their duties right as required by the law or do it well even when it is not according to the law (Lovelady, 1992). Since the national security professionals are guided by the law, there comes a time when they have to follow the law to remain right as expected of them by the law while the work they do is not well done on the eyes of the public and therefore in that case they do not...

Uber Business Practices

Uber Business Practices Name: Institution: Uber Business Practices The Corporate Social Responsibility is the initiatives that are put in place by the corporations with the intention of not only assessing but also taking responsibilities regarding their influence on social and environmental well-being (Preuss, 2013). In most of the cases, Uber has been blamed for undermining the essence of the corporate social responsibility. It is because it has been linked with various controversies that include using technology to evade regulations and authorities. Other contentions are listing their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees and handling the finances from the investors to...

US Armed Forces Sexual Assault

Name Professor Title Date US Armed Forces Sexual Assault Introduction According to a study conducted by Pentagon the cases of rape and sexual harassment in the US Armed forces has increased by about 50%. According to the report by Pentagon, more than 26,000 military personnel were subjected to sexual assaults in the year 2014. According to Cooper (14) of all these cases only 3,370 cases that were reported. In the light of sexual assault in the US armed Force, this paper provides a detailed and critical analysis of some of the immediate ethical issues in relation to the alarming rate of sexual assault and rape in the US Armed Forces. Beside the paper will also provide a comprehensive...

Making Ethical Decisions

Ethical Type Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The ethical type used whenever there is a dilemma may determine the result of the decision made. For instance, when an individual utilizes the available resources and utilities to the maximum, they are likely to get a positive result at the end of the day however much challenging the dilemma may appear to them. There are also some of the instances when abiding by the rules and regulations offered by a group of people or group of companies may be catastrophic, and therefore one has to be cautious about the rules they are abiding by when making a decision where there are two extremely opposite factors to be considered. When using the...

Natural Law

Name Professor Course Date Prevalence of Moral Law to Civil Rules A civil government is a representation of the people's wills through their elected leaders, hence their obligation to follow public duty. But, how long should a liberal people follow and constitute the civil rules blindly before they embrace the ’75 revolution? This article aims to discuss the availability of higher moral law to the civil law, which a country’s people must resist and refuse allegiance to all its operations. Political governments have in many instances gone beyond the protection of its people’s civil right to endangering them causing them to decline association and recognition with the political...

Resolving a moral dilemma

Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Resolving a moral dilemma A man named Joe works for a pharmaceutical company. Joe is a Christian and goes to church every Sunday. Alex is a colleague and a friend. They have both worked in the company for about ten years. They both work as sales agents of the company and therefore deliver products to customers wherever they may be. However, Alex has been stealing samples and selling them to make an extra income. The immoral behavior has come to the attention of Joe. Joe does not know what to do since Alex is a close friend. If he decides to report him to the management, Alex will lose his...