Evaluation Essay

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Evaluation Essay
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MOVIE REVIEW The Academy Award-winning feature film Crash

The Academy Award-Winning Feature Film Crash Students Name Institution Affiliation Introduction A crisis can occur anytime in any place and involve anyone. However, a broad definition of a crisis is a decisive moment. A sudden and unexpected turn of events, it is a crucial time when the state of affairs is unstable, and decisive change is inevitable. The pending decision is speculated to be of an extremely undesirable outcome. A crisis can thus be termed as a situation that has reached a critical phase. The drama film crush by Haggis in 2004 has a scenery that depicts the social and racial tensions in Los Angeles, California. Based on the 1991 real-life incidence, Haggis uses the Porsche’s...

Shaping of the Fire Service.

Shaping the Fire Service Institutional Affiliation Authors Name Fire is one of the disasters that is either caused by human or occur naturally. When such catastrophic and disastrous events occur, people usually pause and focus on what should be done to prevent the reoccurrence. The focused is strategized based on the damages that have been caused by the hazardous event. Historically, many nations have improved their fire service only after the devastated damage of property and massive loss of life had occurred. Fire is a widespread phenomenon that with first recorded in Egypt. Egypt was the first nation to improvise the fire protection efforts. This paper focuses on some of the historical...

1776: Washington’s Narrow Escape, American Society at War and Setbacks for British

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date1776: Washington's Narrow Escape British soldiers had arrived on the Staten Island on July 2, 1776, when the Congress had voted for their freedom. The British vanguard soldier came to take over America and had camped around Newyork harbor for a month. In the effort to conquer American land, Major-general William Howe together with his older brother had mobilized an army of 32000 men by mid – August. To counter the British army, George Washington mobilized his troops some from Boston but could only get amateur soldiers of about 19000 men to Newyork. Washington had an experience of commanding small units of troops, and now it was a big...

Your paper should make an argument about the New Deal, including who was excluded from its programs, how different groups of Americans viewed Roosevelt’s policies, and the alternatives that they proposed during the 1930s.

The New Deal: Who was Excluded, How was it perceived by Different American Groups and the Alternatives they proposed? Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The New Deal: Who was Excluded, How was it perceived by Different American Groups and the Alternatives they proposed? Introduction The New Deal was a response by Franklin D. Roosevelt following the biting effects from the Great Depression that began in late 1929 when the stock market crushed. America's financial system crumbled while companies went bankrupt, and they then dismissed their workers in large numbers. Following the election Franklin D. Roosevelt into office, he acted speedily in stabilizing the economy through provision of...

Zappos company

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Zappos Company The Zappos Company’s reputation is entirely built on its reputable customer care services and their dedication providing the best customer care experience to millions of its customers globally.Feedback from customers and the way the Zappos company handles the feedback forms the basis on which the success of the company has been founded in the last decade or so. Zappos prides itself as the provider of the best customer care experience in the world. Their core values were developed to revolve around excellent customer care services, and the employees are recruited with that in mind.The company does not take the usual stance on its...

Memory cognition

Memory Cognition Student’s name Institution affiliation IntroductionThe current society is fighting many forms of diseases, especially the mental diseases. In this case, more concern should be given on the rising trends that cause these types of diseases to sprout up in this kind of alarming rate. It would be easier to kill the causes than deal with damages. With today’s society retrograde amnesia, Broca’s aphasia and Wicker’s aphasia are three mental conditions that are quite prevalent. Retrograde amnesia is a condition whereby a person experiences a loss of memory to the things learnt in the past and the past experiences. This is normally...

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Your name Professor’s name Course number Date of submission My Guilty Pleasure I would like to believe that chocolate is my guilty pleasure. Ever since childhood, I loved eating chocolates. Sometimes I blame it on my relatives because they fed me a lot of chocolate when I was younger. Often, when I am in the supermarket, I cannot leave without a bar of chocolates. Even when I am low on finances, I ensure that I purchase the cheapest chocolates available. Many people, including my parents, have criticized me due to the bad habit. In fact, I once visited the dentist because of painful cavities. Last month, I tried to stop eating as many bars but, I just could not resist the temptation. It...

Teenage Suicide

Name Instructor Course Date Teenage Suicide Suicide among teens has become one of the emerging issue our community. It has become the major cause of death among teens. The statistics are shocking for society, government and policy makers. It is found that almost one out of five teenagers is committing suicides. The numbers are even greater for those who attempted suicide major reasons for suicide are: the rebellious behavior, homosexuality, frustration, and hopelessness. The most popular ways of committing suicide are: using firearms, an overdose of drugs and poison. Suicide is one of the biggest public health challenges among teenagers with self-harm being high and suicide being the second...

Cue for treason

Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Comparison of Good over Evil in Cue for Treason Thesis In the novel Cue for Treason, Geoffrey Trease explores the theme of good over evil. In many instances from the novel, evil outdoes the good. This is brought about through the character traits and theme. Introduction The story starts in a village in Cumberland, North England where the author explores the golden age of Queen Elizabeth. A wall is built to restrict the locals from using the common field, Peter with other villagers try to destroy Sir Philips wall; he engages Philip’s men in a fight that result in his hat been fired before he escapes to Perinth. He later exposes the...