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hustle and flow

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Hustle and Flow.
The article’s problem statement is whether if heat were visible, people would see constant frenzied motion. The type of research used for this problem statement is theoretical research. This type of research involves an approach to research that is nonempirical; the researcher goes through a myriad of related research articles such as published academic journals. On the other hand, a combination of quantitative as well as meta-analysis methodologies was used to draw up conclusions. Quantitative is a method that needs data that is quantifiable that involve statistical and numerical explanations. This method has clearly been utilized based on the countless examples of data of this nature used such as the author’s use of the highest ever recorded air temperature that was 136 degrees. Use of meta-analysis is evidenced through the use of various academic journals and studies to show the impact of those studies on the problems statement. The conclusion of the paper’s research was that if heat was visible to the human eye, one would see everything in constant motion; from the backyard sparrow to the stove-top burner.

The article had some strengths; some of these strengths will be outlined in this section. First, the actual content in this article was coherent and well organized. As such, the reader can read and understand the article with ease. The subject matter in the article is also pertinent and relevant to the res…

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