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Healthcare- Physician Reimbursement- Please follow Instructions

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Healthcare- Physician Reimbursement- Please follow Instructions

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Healthcare-Physician Reimbursement

The essay has two parts; the first one assesses the existing forms of physician reimbursements in the nation. Specifically, the article looks at the four models in this first section; salary, fee-for-service, equal share and finally pay-for-performance. All the models have unique characteristics that the payer puts into consideration before depositing the facility. In the second part of the essay, the paper looks at the recommendations made by the National Commission on physician payment. There are twelve recommendations, but for the sake of the discussion, the analysis concentrates on three. The assessed include numbers six, five and four in that order. The essay considered the three options since they have been cited as the best examples of reforms needed in physicians reimbursement. All the necessary information on each recommendation highlighted is discussed with an additional point of view on each. In each of the three proposals, I supported the reforms suggested since the advantages of possible outcome would be immense.
Keywords: pay-for-performance, Fee-for-service, Physicians, Pay-for-performance, reforms, recommendations.

Healthcare-Physician Reimbursement
Physician Reimbursement
There are various forms of standard physician reimbursement models used in healthcare across the country. Of all the methods, the first commonly known is salary model described by Lischko (2014) as one o…

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