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Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Revised

Top Trends in the Internal Auditing Industry Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Introduction An internal audit in the government is necessary since it examines its accounting records and evaluates its conformity with the standard regulations, procedures, and controls. There is need to appraise the emerging trends in internal government auditing to keep pace with the changing roles, technologies, and others. Internal auditing enables the government to manage its financial risk and other vital activities. There are various trends in internal government audit, including cyber security, emerging technologies, strategic alignment,...

topic as described in paper

Scientific Cannons and Pseudo Science Activity Experimental Psychology (PSYC/CHLD 3404) Objectives: Following this activity, students will be able to identify and describe the four cannons of the scientific method, and distinguish between pseudoscientific and scientific claims. Part 1: Cannons of Science Review the four cannons of science by defining the terms using your textbook. Parsimony This cannon proposes that when contrasting theories, it is imperative to choose the simplest and one with the minimal postulations. The key idea in parsimony is reducing the complexity of accounts and events by choosing the simplest elucidation for an observation. Determinism The idea in determinism is...

UCB International Solutions revised

UCB INTERNATIONAL SOLUTIONS Student’s Name The Name of the Class Professor’s Name The Name of the School The City and State Date -285754667250-28575-114300Title: Research design of establishing UCB International Solutions in Hong Kong Aim: This research aims to identify the key issues and factors facing UCB International Solutions as it establishes its presence in Hong Kong -28575-19050Objectives To examine the level of tourism demand in Hong Kong and their preference of restaurant facilities To identify cross-cultural issues that will affect UCB International solutions and how such issues will be solved to achieve harmonious relations between all stakeholders To identify the level...

University of British Columbia (UBC) Personal Profile

Name: Instructor’s Name: Course Details: Date of Submission: University Of British Columbia Personal Profile. In the recent years, I have realized that every person has confronted problems that are unique to themselves from time to time because of the choices they make. About a year ago, I volunteered to teach piano lessons to a 2nd-grade student. Teaching lessons to someone else were something new to me. During my preparation for the lessons, I only thought of the materials that I would teach, but I did not know how teaching matters just as much. The challenge was that it was impossible to keep a six-year-old interested in a book with black and white bars. Seeing no improvements, I reached...

USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team

Student’s Name Instructor’s name Class Name Date USA Men Soccer Team Taking more Money than Women Soccer Team Women engagement in sport is associated with a long history. Ideally, the history is marked by discrimination and division. Besides, the history is filled with key accomplishments with important advances and female athletes for the empowerment of girls and women and gender equality. Gender inequality in soccer needs to be addressed to grasp the complete potential for soccer as a pathway for empowerment and gender equality of girls and women (Oglesby 13). The USA men soccer team is found to take a lot of money compared to the women soccer team despite women winning the additional...

using machine learning to measure advertising campaign effctivness

Use of Machine Learning in Advertising Campaign Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract Advertising of products remains the critical approach adopted by marketers in sensitizing the targeted market on the respective product or service that they sell to the customers. It is ideal to measure and determine the efficiency of advertising mechanisms utilized by the individual business. In the current world of marketing, for instance, the use of social network has remained the primary advertising approach being used. The successfulness of an advertising campaign depends on the eloquent use of the generated data which describes the market trends of the respective business typically. In...

The principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham

The principle of utility by Jeremy Bentham Bentham’s principle of Utility recognizes the crucial role played by pleasure and pain the life of a human being. It also approves and disapproves of any action based on the level of pleasure or pain that may be brought about, such as the consequences (Audi 125). Moreover, his utility principle equates good deeds with pleasure while evil has been equated with the pain inflicted on a human being (Audi 125). Betham finally asserts that pain and pleasure have the capability to quantify. In measure the pain and pleasure that may be inflicted on a human, he introduces criteria that may be employed: Uncertainty or certainty, Duration, Nearness, and the...

War Changes People: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

War Changes People: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien The effects of war spare no partisan. Whether a priest, wife to the soldier, doctor or soldier, everyone is susceptible to the impacts of war. According to Taylor et al. (154), war tends to alter both the mental and psychological status of an individual making their actions and decision different from what they were before they ventured into a battlefield. Telch et al. (199) state that war sometimes takes the humanity part of human beings or makes some of them seek to be better people in the society to seek redemption for their sinful actions while on the battlefield. Greif, fear, hope, and aggressiveness are all elements created by war and...

To My Baby Girl

Student: Professor: Course: Date due: A letter to my baby girl Sector 22, Vashi, P.O Box 25665, New Bombay. 19th January 2018 To My Baby Girl I wish I were with you even at this time that you are reading my letter. You have always been the angel in my life and the joy you have always brought to my life is unexplainable. If I had my own powers, I could be with you even right now. Well, this is not the case as you will never see me again but you can rest assured that we will meet in another lifetime. When I left home today, I did assure you that we will meet in the evening to have our family dinner. Unfortunately, the injury that I have sustained in my head may not even allow me to even...