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Explore the construction of identity in literary texts with detailed reference to at least two texts studied in the first half of the module.

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Construction of Identity in Beowulf and Hamlet.
In both texts, Beowulf and Hamlet, identity is constructed through how the characters realize their social ideals and individual experiences. Identity is used to refer to the historical as well as social being of a person and his/her makeup as a construct. Identities are believed to be the result of a person’s personal experience as well as their family lineage. This is evident in the two texts and particularly in Beowulf whereby all the men are referred to as their as the sons of their fathers. During those eras, family history played a very critical role, and all the men were highly respected due to the heroic things they did as early as their ancestors (Clark & Alyssa, 2). Warriors were also not left behind as they felt the urge also to be valued at the same level as the men.
This is evident in Beowulf when we are first introduced to Beowulf as an individual. Before even we know his name, the author introduces and gives us a description of his father, “In his day, my father was a famous man a noble warrior-lord named Ecgtheow.” (Liuzza & Roy, 2) In Hamlet, this is also seen as Shakespeare gives us a detailed narrative of Hamlet’s family lineage and as such we discover that he was the son of the king. This plays a crucial role in his identity as well as in the rest of the events in the entire play. In most literary works such as novels, po…

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