Classic English Literature

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Classic English Literature
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The-Interesting Narrative

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: “The Interesting Narrative” by Olaudah Equiano “The interesting narrative” by Olaudah Equiano is a story from the perspective of a crew member on the ship. As a crew member, Equiano enjoys the same privileges other crew members of the ship enjoy. The captives in the ship were destined to go to West Indies where they would be enslaved for the better part of their lives (Equiano & Carey 4). Also, they would have been forced labor and work in plantations for long hours. However, Equiano would experience excellent life as opposed to his contemporaries. He would not experience slavery and forced labor like his other colleagues. As a...

For Whom the Bell Tolls book report

Name Instructor Course Date For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls is a narrative about a young combatant and expert dynamiter, Robert Jordan, fighting with the anti-fascists in Spain during the civil battles CITATION Hem02 l 1033 (Hemingway). Robert who combats against the fascist militaries is ordered to destroy a bridge with the help of local paramilitary soldiers to prevent the enemy forces from retaliating following a forthcoming attack. During his assignment, Robert meets Anselmo who is his guide to the secret guerrilla base camp and also intercessor between Robert and the rebel soldiers. His quest, however, clashes with the reluctance and aggression of the...

Hamlet Comparative Essay.

Name Course Tutor Date Hamlet comparison essay The term Hamlet is a shortened form of the novel Tragedy of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare. The play was set in Denmark. It creates a drama where the main character Prince Hamlet comes back home from school in the University of Wittenberg, Germany, to attend his father’s burial who was murdered by his uncle Claudius so that he could seize the throne. In turn, Claudius married Prince Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. In the play, Prince Hamlet plans to revenge for his Uncle’s actions. Comparison of Prince Hamlet as a character in play and film In the play, Prince Hamlet’s story is very depressing as people die and some betrayed. For...

Hamlet Media News Report

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date The rest is silence In the last scene of the William Shakespeare’s drama, Hamlet, there is a lot of violence that leads to another of many characters within the play. Poisoning, stabbing, and execution are some of the ways in which different characters meet their respective deaths. It is also within this final scene that the theme of revenge is realized in the drama when Prince Hamlet finally succeeds in killing his uncle, Claudius. Despite the fact that Prince Hamlet looks to be peaceful immediately before this final scene, the main character does not seem to be well (Shakespeare 215). Having a closer look at Prince Hamlet’s doing in the...

How genetic engineering can positively impact the health of future generations

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date How Genetic Engineering Can Positively Impact the Health of Future Generations Genetic engineering is one of the most advanced technologies in recent history. It is the intentional manipulation of genes of an organism through the use of biotechnology with the purpose of producing improved organisms. Scientists have been actively working towards enabling the efficient and accurate manipulation of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Genetic engineering has the potential to enhance the lives of people. One of the positive impacts the technology could have on the health of future generations is curing diseases that were previously incurable such as cancer....


Professor’s name Student’s name Course name Date Identity It is often difficult to tell a person's true motives, agenda or personality. This difficulty may be as a result of the secrecy of the individual in consideration, where he wishes to conceal his true self, or due to his confusion. This is to say that someone may be confused as to who he or she is, and their actual self will only be evident when faced with a somewhat challenging circumstance. A person's true identity may, therefore, remain a secret for quite a long time until it doesn't. You will be surprised at how little you know even when it comes those we consider as our closest relations. Ernest Hemingway, in the old man by...

Is sadness an important part of life?

Name Course Tutor Date Is sadness an important part of life? Sadness, also regarded as emotional discomfort, plays an important role in the psychological system of our lives as human beings. Life brings diverse challenges in the sense that we as humans are not always going to feel good about ourselves, get along with everybody daily as well as having the feeling of motivation every other day. There will be periods when people will feel sad, and it is normal and okay to feel so. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the importance of sadness and the role it plays in the lives of human beings. Sadness as an emotional part of our lives often reminds individuals of who they are. The mood also...

metacognition questions(see the instructions and attachment)

Teacher’s Name Students Name Class Date Unedited A few day after that I started to look at everything differently, I had to work hard all the time to improve as much as I can so when the time comes it all pays off and I can put a smile on our fans’ faces. After preparing for 276 days, the day had come. I had everything I needed in my bags and off I went to the airport. When we reached at the hotel, luckily, one of the players was Swedish so was able to communicate with people there. In the blink of an eye everything was over and we were in the airport on our way back to Dubai. That trip had changed my life. Meeting new people from different parts of the world and making new friends that...

of mice and men

Name Instructor Course Date Of Mice and Men In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, the real antagonist is Lennie Smalls due to the following three reasons. First, although Lennie and George are married, Lennie keeps causing trouble to George, which made George regret at some instance that his life could be better if he stops caring for Lennie. Secondly, Lennie always caused troubles in the workplace. George had to lie to bosses that Lennie was kicked by a horse while a child. The third reason why Lennie is the main antagonist, he is always troublemaker due to his mental instability. He likes playing with soft things, and at the end, he kills them accidentally. This habit of playing with soft...