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Discuss the evolving future of HR practice

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Discuss the evolving future of HR practice

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Discuss the Evolving Future of HR Practice
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Discuss the Evolving Future of Human Resource Practice
Human Resource Management or HR is the process by which employers improve the efficiency of employees in an organization. The HR practice solely focuses on the correct management of individuals in a given organization. The process molds employees to adhere to an organization’s operations and policies (Lussier, 2015). Other than recruitment of employees, HR is responsible for rewards, training, and performance review, among others. It is evident to observe the significant growth in the evolving future of HR Practice. There are various factors and trends that have improved the evolving future of HR (Kaufman, 2014). Some of the factors include internal communication, leadership, teamwork, performance appraisal, and mentorship, among others. This paper examines the factors that improve the future of HR practice in the banking industry.
How might these factors positively influence or impact the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected?
Fore mostly, internal communication is primary in improving HR in any organization. Regardless of the level, communication is an important factor in positively impacting HR. It creates a friendly working environment while encouraging collaboration among individuals in the organization. It is necessary for employers to plan the process of communication critically to achieve maximum results. Consequently, there is an improvement in the organization performance hence a general development in the future of HR. There is a frequent alteration in the banking industry thus proper communication is requisite. It greatly assists employees in avoiding speculations and assumptions within the organization (Snell & Bohlander, 2013).
The form of leadership also plays an important role in improving HR. Each organization employs a unique and distinct style of leadership. There may be dictatorial or charismatic leaders present in various organizations. The employers inclined toward the latter; motivate employees to develop the business. When employees are treated well, they become more productive. The issue of leadership may also be noted among the employees. In each organization, there are employees that exhibit formidable leadership skills in comparison to their colleagues. The employers may offer education and training to equip such employees with better skills for leadership (Banfield, 2011). There is a necessity for leaders in the banking industry to instigate growth and development in the various organizations.
Teamwork is vital in the evolving future of HR practice. It assists employees in effectively completing their tasks. It increases performance evaluation and improves bonds between employees in an organization. Teamwork may also impact HR practice because employees often share their opinions and ideas. It assists in learning, solving problems, communication, and unity among the employees. In the banking environment, teamwork may lead to innovations thus development on the industry.
Performance appraisal involves evaluation of employees’ progress and works performance. It also involves examining the heights of productivity among the employees apropos of the organization’s operations. Performance evaluation assists the employers to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. Consequently, the employers allocate duties to the candidate that is deemed fit for the job. The process also assists in consideration of an employee’s interests; as well as those of the organization. In the banking industry, performance appraisal is rendered an important factor in HR. There are different responsibilities associated with the banking environment. Therefore, performance evaluation helps the managerial staff to realize the suitable employee for each task (Burke & Cooper, 2012).
The presence of mentors and mentorship opportunities may positively influence the HR practice. Employers may hire mentors to assist their organization regarding knowledge and skills. In point of fact, these mentors may also positively influence the managerial staff. They assist the employees in learning hence increase chances of their loyalty to the organization. In the banking industry, the managers may not possess enough skills to teach their employees. For this reason, they invite a third party to assist in improving the organization’s operations. In case the managers have Bachelor’s level knowledge; they hire mentors with higher education.
How might these factors negatively influence or impact the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected?
Irrespective of the positive influence, the factors may also lead to negative happenings in HR and the banking industry. It is evident that communication is primary in improving the future of HR practice. However, there is evidence of barriers to communication in various organizations. For instance; the individuals within the industry may speak different languages. This issue often interferes with the ways in which information is disseminated within a given organization. Additionally, there may be physical barriers, among others. In banks, customer service often involves communication between the employees. It is chief for employers to exercise proper communication to improve HR practice. These barriers to communication may negatively influence the future of HR in the banking environment.
It is salient that leadership greatly influences the performance of HR and the banking industry. However, there are also negative effects may result from styles of leadership in the banking industry. A dictatorial form of leadership often demoralizes the employees thus there is a slow progress in the organization. This form of leaderships desists from upholding employees regarding opinions and input. For this reason, leadership may negatively affect HR in the banking environment (Banfield, 2011).
Moreover, there are also evident drawbacks associated with teamwork. Firstly, there may be employees that do not prefer teamwork. Such cases lead to the creation of teams by interested parties. Often, the team members appear to be few hence it reduces efficiency in the organization. There are also team members that do not offer enough support to their teams. Therefore, these teams become dormant thus negatively impacting the HR practice. As earlier mentioned, satisfactory customer service in banks requires the input of each employee. It is also clear that team members are bound to experience inevitable disagreements. Such altercations may slow down the progress of teamwork hence negatively impacting the HR practice.
Regardless of its benefits, performance appraisal may negatively impact the HR practice. Poor performance may demoralize an employee thus slowing down the organization’s progress. Often, employers may offer raises after employees improve on their weakness. It is forlorn that performance evaluation may create rifts between employers and employees. Additionally, evaluation of performance may be time wasting. Some of the processes consume a lot of time hence negatively impacting HR practice. These tools may also be vague in the evaluation of employees’ performance thus inaccuracy. A decline in HR practice in the banking environment ineluctably leads to deterioration of the industry (Burke & Cooper, 2012).
It is primary to note the negative influences of mentorship. Regardless of their skills, mentors require suitable mentees to achieve maximum results. Some of the mentorship relationships are often imposed thus they become strained. The mentor may also be impatient with the mentee’s weakness. As a result, their relationship may appear strenuous.
What might happen if these factors are ignored or not taken seriously regarding the future of HR in general and in the industry that you have selected?
If these factors are ignored or not taken seriously, there may be great repercussions in the evolving future of HR practice. As discussed, the factors are important in the development of HR practice. Failure to attend to them may result in a stagnant or failed practice. Consequently, there may be negative progress in the banking environment. HR is required to propel a given organization thus ignoring the factors, leads to failure in the HR practice.
What should organizations do to prepare for the future? Be sure to include specifics for the industry you selected.
Fore mostly, organizations should not ignore the factors mentioned above. They play a significant role regarding the evolution of the HR practice. Organizations are urged to focus keenly on those factors to prepare for the future of their businesses. For instance; the banking environment exhibits rapid changes over time. As a result, factors such as communication are necessary for assisting the employees to adjust. Also, customer service is primary in the banking industry. The employers should focus on instilling such skills through training and educating their employees.
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