Descriptive Essay

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Descriptive Essay
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Why Marriages don’t Last

Why Marriages Don’t Last? Name of Student University Why Marriages Don’t Last? The Tipper Gore and Al Gore breakup has risen important issues of late divorces, or commonly called "cold divorces". The case study reflected that long-term relationships may end, jeopardizing the earlier beliefs that reflected that long term marriages are always stable. The article will briefly review the reasons for why long-term marriages end in divorces. Although the Gore's did not reveal the reason for their breakup, they mentioned it was a well-thought decision, and there were no regrets or hurt feelings amongst them. Further, there were no allegations or emotional outbursts amongst...

Surface transport

Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Course Number Date Surface Transport Transport is the act of taking people or carrying them from one destination to the other. Travel is making a journey or going out to some places for leisure or an important meeting. Tourism is the backbone of many travels and transport industry. There are various means of transport which are used by people to move from one place to the other. In characterizing territorial models, the tourism sector utilizes the most recent and most exceptional systems in key arranging, re-enacting territorial flow to encourage adjusted and manageable improvement. It works next to each other with the customer to characterize and help...

Discuss the evolving future of HR practice

Discuss the Evolving Future of HR Practice Name of Student Name of Institution Discuss the Evolving Future of Human Resource Practice Introduction Human Resource Management or HR is the process by which employers improve the efficiency of employees in an organization. The HR practice solely focuses on the correct management of individuals in a given organization. The process molds employees to adhere to an organization's operations and policies (Lussier, 2015). Other than recruitment of employees, HR is responsible for rewards, training, and performance review, among others. It is evident to observe the significant growth in the evolving future of HR Practice. There are various factors and...

need an essay on the topics

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Number Date Philosophy Questions QUESTION 1 There is no future without education in the society. It has been defined only as for the school system. However, it can apply to several systems of the society like politics, religion, and every individual. Philosophers Paulo and Plato, by their interest in education patterns, they opened up mindset of education in the society. They both note that until the present the system keeps on feeding students through teachers which, according to teachers is true while to students, they passive the information given to them is true. Most notably between Plato and Freire, is that both of them appeals to us that we...

Aging Populations in Nations

Student’s name Teacher’s Name Subject’s Name 01 January 2015 Aging Population and its Social Impact Media has a name to call population aging, it is “graying”. We might have heard it from the news, internet, and our workplaces, but we might not have understood how an aging population can affect our country, and our society. That is why we intend to answer that question with our essay. What does an again population mean and how can a graying population affect or society and our economy? In this essay, we aim to answer that question and support our claim with statistics that could prove that the population aging is a trend that is happening and needs to be taken into account. With...

Youth (Film analysis)

Name Instructor’s name Course Date Youth (Film Analysis) Paolo Sorrentino’s 2015 film “Youth” that is authoritatively chosen at the Cannes Film Festival was set in a Swiss sanatorium. The film opens with an exemplary Sorrentino dish and a camera circumnavigating like a spinning entryway. Music has been a strong element of Paolo Sorrentino’s films. The film’s plot occurs in nowadays. The main character of the film, who creates the pallet of the film, is Fred Ballinger (Michael Kane). He is the retired orchestra conductor who usually does the checkups in sanatorium Switzerland. His daughter Lena is his assistant, and she is with Fred in the sanatorium as well. There is an aging...

Verbal-Visual Essay Exploring theme in the Chrysalids

Name Instructor Course Date Essay Exploring Theme in The ChrysalidsThe essay novel in The Chrysalides is written with many excellent and exclusive themes. The themes brought out are very firmly attached to satires. The several major aims of hitting this novel are pointed toward the falling of the Waknut community as well as the today community. The community of Waknuk wants to expel anything that is not produced in their ideal of the real image of their society. While in our today’s history of civilization, same groups react negatively toward the opposing group. The author uses the themes to represent views on many aspects. Many different authors use themes to articulate their view on the...


Critical Review of Applied Ethical Concepts Institution Affiliation Student’s Name Date Introduction There are four types of stakeholder managers: resourceful, show stopper, a key player, and Marginal. The resourceful has help potential and thus controls resources that the project can take its advantage. The show stopper has low help potential and high harm potential and thus ability to stop or hinder the project, but no resources for the project. The key player has both help and harms potential and is accordingly essential to the project both in terms of relevant resources and ability to harm the project. Finally, stakeholders with moderate support and low damage potential are not...

UTILITARIANISM: Jeremy Bentham and the Greater Good

UTILITARIANISM: Jeremy Bentham and the Greater Good Name of Student Name of Instructor Subject Code and Title Date of Submission What is the principle of utility? How does Bentham define good? What are the problems that come with Bentham’s formulation of Utilitarianism, and why? How does one action create a new sense of being; one that best defines the goodness of the motive behind it? According to Bentham, every action that serves a benefit to others is good enough; or at least, is not completely wrong. Because of the fact that it does give attention to providing what others need, the concept of utilitarianism on the part of Bentham is one that responds to the need of the greater number of...