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Digital democratic citizenship

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Digital Democratic Citizenship: Social networks as a tool to reinvigorate democracy
Modern political systems in most countries that aim to reinvigorate democracy tend to use the internet to promote engagement and collaboration with the general public. The use of this digital platforms to enhance and improve democratic space revolves around digital democratic citizenship. Thus, digital democracy aims at using information communication technologies as well as the computer communication systems like the internet, social media and the media for purposes of promoting and encouraging the participation and communication of the general public in matters of good governance and democracy at large. The use of social platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, and Twitter among others have become rampant in the modern-day democracy. The platforms are majorly used for purposes of encouraging communication, easy reach out and spread of information of various target groups as a means of political engagement and practices. Most of these platforms form a basis for the mobilization of voters during electoral periods thus having electoral significance in the modern day democracy.
Keywords: social media platforms, democracy, internet, mobilization, the electoral process, participation and information technology.
The current day digital democracy has been enhanced through the advancement of information and communication platfo…

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