Political Science

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Political Science
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Immigration reform

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Immigration Reform Developed nations such as US, Canada, UK, and Australia among others will always attract immigrants who are who are searching for better lives. The major problem has been the point that many of the immigrants normally don’t follow the proper channels of immigration. The US has always had the problem of illegal immigration as immigrants get into the country through the border, more so between Mexico and the US. Most of them enter legally but decides to overstay their visas. The immigration issue had always been a contentious issue where Republicans and Democrats never agree on the matter. Currently, more than 11 million immigrants already...

Write an essay discussing the impacts of political socialization and public opinion.

Name Tutor Subject Date The Impacts of Political Socialization and Public Opinion In most democratic systems of government, people have varied ways through which they can get into contact with the government officials and give their opinions as the government responds by changing policy based on the public opinion (Williams and Delli Carpini 104). In most cases, the general opinion is decisive and bright, and often it is gloomier. Moreover, public opinion may be shaped by the only policymakers who have to respond to it. This just means that the government officials have a hand in political socialization and often define public opinion on many issues. Political socialization is, therefore, the...

Writer’s choice

Name: Professor’s Name: Unit: Date: Is America up to the task of defending its cyber environment? Introduction As technology advances, each waking day increases the connectivity of the world. The global technological advances have increased the world’s connectivity and in the process have improved peoples living standards. Even though technology has improved the global economy, all the benefits, however, have a price to pay. The advancements made in technology have made many nations vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and the United States is not exceptional as it is also vulnerable like any other nation (Shackelford and Bohm 61). The new era in technology has brought with it a new threat to the world...

Affirmative Action

Name Professor Title Date Affirmative Action Affirmative action is the policies aimed at giving the underrepresented minority groups opportunities in the society. These opportunities may be in universities, colleges or careers. Individual’s religion, sex, race, national origin, or color are recognized by the government or business so as to upsurge the opportunities given to the part of society that is underrepresented. The affirmative action is often designed to raise the sum of persons from definite groups within institutions, businesses and other parts of humanity where they have low representation historically. It is actually considered as a method of countering past discrimination...

Digital democratic citizenship

Digital Democratic Citizenship: Social networks as a tool to reinvigorate democracy Name Institution Abstract Modern political systems in most countries that aim to reinvigorate democracy tend to use the internet to promote engagement and collaboration with the general public. The use of this digital platforms to enhance and improve democratic space revolves around digital democratic citizenship. Thus, digital democracy aims at using information communication technologies as well as the computer communication systems like the internet, social media and the media for purposes of promoting and encouraging the participation and communication of the general public in matters of good governance and...

Evaluating Quality of Media Information

Evaluating Quality of Media Information Evaluating the quality of any media information is very important not only for research processes but also for obtaining any piece of information, like news, which keeps us informed and making any judgments. Not all media information is accurate or reliable, nor will be suitable for a paper or project. A considerable percentage of the media information, both from the Internet and print sources, vary broadly in their objectivity, authority, coverage, currency, and accuracy (Metzger 2078). Other additional indicators would be to check if the source is cited and interpretation of the main point. The first additional sign is checking if the sources are cited and...

Evaluating Quality of Media Information 2

As a result of the advancement in technology, media plays a significant role in our lives. However, there is another problem with media on how to evaluate the message we receive. In this essay, we are going to discuss two additional indicators that are essential in assessing media content. The first indicator in evaluating media content is to know the source of the information and the reason why the users should believe in it. When reading a piece of information in media, we should be careful with the sources and people being quoted in the context. The sources used should be cited properly. Also, if the content is about a particular organization then it is important to find the name of that and some...

Political Parties and the Electoral Process

American Political Parties: Electoral Process Student’s name University Introduction The American political atmosphere has always been dominated by two major political blocks; the democratic and the republican parties. So far, they are not only the most stable political parties but also the oldest ones. The democrats and republicans have the symbols of donkey and elephants respectively, created by Thomas Nast in the 1870s. The two vary on the policy issues they support for instance, one party may have favorable policies that promote free and fair trade while the other may have a not so conducive similar policy but then, it may have a better policy on matters of...

National Defense and Homeland Security

Name Instructor Course level Date Part I Itemizing the key decisions in budget simulation and a brief summary The first decision is the replacement of some of the military workforce with civilian employees (Option 15). This decision will help the nation to save $19 billion. Data from the Department of Defense indicates that thousands of military personnel who are work in support jobs perform jobs that can be done by civilians. These jobs are performed in military units. They neither deploy overseas for combat nor do they involve any functions that can pose personal or national security concern. The option seeks to replace 70,000 uniformed military personnel in commercial jobs with...