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curriculum strategy essay

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Curriculum Strategy
Curriculum Strategy
Curriculum goals refer to a set of skills and knowledge that learners are expected to acquire from academic contents or institutional programs. Merely, a curriculum is often regarded as courses provided by a given education institution, and include learning objectives which students must attain at the end of the teachings. The curriculum program has materials such as books, assignments, projects, presentations, lessons or units that need be covered to declare achievements and academic success of learners (Whyte, White & Menscer, 2015). School programs not only do they focus on facilitating academic excel but also aim to foster quality ethical and spiritual values. For this reason, curriculum goals are made concise and understandable, incorporating teachers, learners, administrations, and parents.
Issues Regulating Corresponding Standards in My Content Area
I chose science to be my content area, and one of the current issues controlling the standards in the content area is pressure due to global economic competitiveness. At some point, education decisions are being influenced by business leaders, some who are officials at the government levels, when raising financial concerns. Leaders are actively holding the view that to boost economic performance; education roots must get strengthened where business managers with high creativity will emerge (Whyte, White & Menscer, 2015). For this matter, curriculum bec…

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