Argumentative Essay

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Argumentative Essay
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Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered? Name: Institution: Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered? Introduction The debate on whether mathematics is invented or discovered has gone on for a long time. It is fueled by the ability of mathematician to develop a concept with no application in mind. After many years, the idea continues to be proven in various fields of science. The models or formulas that are developed display a connection with reality. There are some people who have argued that the mathematical concepts are invented by human beings, and then they are applied in the description of the real world phenomena. Other people have also argued that the exactness of the mathematical...

The government not doing enough for the homeless veterans

The Government Is Not Doing Enough for the Homeless Veterans Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The veterans stay in the streets without somewhere to call home, and this frustrates them. It is very unfair for people who risked their lives for America to suffer from traumatic stress disorder all for the US, and later to receive no assistance from anyone especially the government. There has been the trend for many homeless veterans who have been addicted to multiple drugs and alcohol abuse that has been repeatedly detrimental to their health. The Budget which was relocated during the era of Clinton term to cater for VA services related to mental fitness and drugs and substances abuse should...

Make polygamy

Student’s name Instructor’s name Course name Date Should the practice of male polygamy continue in the Arab Gulf Countries? Male polygamy has for long been practiced by many cultures especially in the Arab Gulf countries which include Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Oman. Although the rate at which male polygamy is being practiced in these countries has reduced relative to the past decades, it still remains a common practice. There are many controversies surrounding the issue of male polygamy mainly due to the social, cultural as well as economic pressures associated with it. Male polygamy is in many cases characterized by competition and conflicts among the wives which may...

immigration/ border controlORgun control / Mandatory background checks

Name Instructor Course Date Gun control and the mandatory background check Introduction In the United States of America alone, at least 22 percent of the citizens own one or two guns with the majority of the owners being men than women. It then means that in every 100 people, there are 88.8 guns or simply the country enjoys citizenry gun ownership of about 270 million, one of the highest number of gun ownership in the world (Parnell, William, 2). Though the data on gun ownership is worrying, the culture of gun ownership seems not to be a modern issue, but it has the revolutionary roots stemming from the colonial history. The question as to what it means for the massive gun ownership not just...

marketing communication plan

Student’s Name Professor Course Date Marketing Communication Plan for ShampooEXECUTIVE SUMMARY The retail store is a department store which deals with products beauty products such as body wash, hand cream, cleaning wipes, deodorants and moisturizer among others. However, in the recent days, there has been decreased sales which have necessitated the retail store to reverse to selling shampoo and conditioners. The shampoo is expected to target diverse individuals including men, children, and women. Moreover, the retail shop aims at increasing the sales also to increase the profits. A marketing communication plan is essential to communicate the marketing messages to the potential customers...

Abuse of Power in The Crucible and Current Issues

Name: Professor Name: The Crucible Date Abuse of Power in the Crucible and Current Issues Deputy Governor Danforth and Judge Hawthorne. The scope and independence of organizations, arms of government such as the judiciary and the influence of political leaders have heightened concerns about power administration. In most cases, these leaders tend to abuse their power, and The Crucible by Arthur Miller depicts this well. Courts are corrupt, the Deputy Governor Danforth and Judge Hawthorne are unwilling to disclose how courts are unfair, and they abuse their power. Danforth abuses his authority when he refuses to defer the hangings of John Proctor despite pleas from Reverend Hale in act four of...

Drawing on concepts and theories from this module’s readings critically discuss the following statement:health promotors have the expert knowledge and their role is to empower others

THE ROLE OF HEALTH PROMOTERS IS TO EMPOWER OTHERS By (Name) Course Professor’s Name University City, State Health Promoters have the Expert Knowledge, and their Role is to empower others Introduction Health promotion is critical today in addressing health problems. There is a universal acceptance that health is affected by factors within and outside the health system such as social economic, demographic, social and cultural factors, political and economic changes among others. As such, health issues are addressed adequately by adopting a holistic strategy that involves empowerment of communities and individuals to take action concerning their health (Fertman and Allensworth 2016). Other...


Name: Instructor: Course:Date: Computers Computers are important in our lives. They play a critical role in complementing human functions. Since their invention, they have precipitated trademark technological advancements. In education, computers have not only revolutionized learning activities but also teaching processes. Computers have enhanced writing, organization, and facilitated programming courses in learning institutions. Computers are essential in writing. These gadgets enable writers to enter data quickly and more accurately (Consortini 1). They also enable easy data editing and restructuring in order to do away with errors without many rough drafts. Computers are also equipped with...


Name: Course: Professor: Date: Education Definition of Education Education is a tool for social mobility as noted by Lubrano (2), he was born into the blue-collar working class family that fully depended on working with their hands to feed themselves but through acquiring a college degree, he ascended into the middle class social class. Education also causes unease and confusion between the values, ideas and instructions from blue-collar parents, and the choices made by the new kid on the block who has recently upgraded to the middle class social class. Lubrano (3) noted that “education is used as a dividing factor between the working class and the middle class.” The educated group are ones that...