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Small Group Lesson

Field Experience B: Week 3 Small Group Lesson Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Field Experience B: Week 3 Small Group Lesson To ensure that students understand and help me in ensuring that the lesson plan is effective and it yields fruitful results, I will first take them through the entire lesson plan. I will ensure that before I start applying it, they get a general impression and give their views on the plan. This will greatly help in the implementation of the plan as well as its efficiency. Secondly, I will execute the plan systematically. For instance, I will teach the topics as they appear in the plan. Through this, it will be easier to gradually introduce the concept...

Special Education Law Newsletter Article

Name Instructor Course Date Special Education Law Newsletter Article Before 1970's many students were denied quality schooling. The parents of these students started the advocacy groups fighting for quality education. Their pursued quality education encouraged passage of laws that motivated training teachers who could work with disabled students. After 1970's there were many decisions by the court giving the state the powers to offer resources and schooling requirements to the needy students. At present the local and state institution are fully funding for special education (Rothstein, Laura, and Scott 21). This has brought major improvement in the lives of the special students. Judicial...

Top hot organizer

Top Hot Organizer Name Institution Top Hot Organizer A top hat organizer is a tool in contrasting and comparing topics. Compare, and contrast is a strategy for thinking devised to compact students' memories, eliminate confusion, and bring significant similarities and differences into consideration. The top hat organizer below compares and contrasts formative and summative assessments. Formative Assessment Summative Assessment Aims to assist a teacher to develop on teaching performance across a range of formalities. Presents weaknesses and strengths in a person’s teaching and offers remedies. Formative assessment depends majorly on trust and safety of the evaluator or the person being...

Transient Students

Transient students Name Institution Background As some of the phases of mobility of educators change, the United States of America continue to record the highest number of transient students. Students’ mobility in the USA is a widespread issue that has involved students moving from a school to another not on the next school promotion basis but for other reasons. Most students have at least made one school change that is non-promotional during their elementary and secondary careers. However, many professionals in the field of education have associated the adversity of mobility of students to various causes though these causes have been changing for the past decades. Earlier in the 1950s, such...

Utilizing knowledge gained in training for better teaching revised

Utilizing knowledge gained in training for better teaching Name Institution Utilizing knowledge gained in training for better teaching Teachers are professionals who should have a lot of experience before going to classrooms. They should have the necessary knowledge to teach students according to current standards. I will ensure that I gain from the training to improve the culture and instruction in the classroom. To achieve this, I will have to apply an effective strategy, engage students in classroom activities, giving students my knowledge and create a culture which promotes the success of learners. With these and other objectives, I can improve my profession and the achievement of...

Why schools have policies and procedures

Name Instructor Course Date Why Schools have Policies and Procedures Policies institute regulations to direct satisfactory behavior and guarantee that the school setting is secure for scholars, educators and, school staff. Every school, as a lawful prerequisite needs comprehensible, concise policies and procedures. This ensures that governors, administration, and staff, students and parents who are part of the school can work on the similar clear practices and guidelines. Policies should provide a structure that guarantees constant principles that are functional to run in the learning institution. Every rule and practice should and will explain its objectives, purpose and the tasks staff will...

roles of external professionals who may work with a school

Roles of External Professionals Who May Work with a School Education Professor Date Introduction The diversity and specialties required in education sector require the collaboration of the internal and external professions. For the students to achieve academic and vocational success, they should have support for mental, physical and psychological health. Hence, external professionals in the field of education contribute the general welfare of the students. The Education Welfare Officer The Education Welfare Officers are involved in activities that promote the attendance of the children in local schools. In a typical day, the officers seek to identify and solve the problems at home that...

roles of regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislative framework

Education Professor Date Roles of Regulatory Bodies Relevant to the Education Sector Which Exist To Monitor and Enforce the Legislative Framework Introduction Learning requires collaboration in delivering various complementary services to the learners and teachers to ensure there is continued education development. In this case, there are different bodies in education sectors working towards regulation, implementation and inspection of relevant legislation in the education. For the teachers to contribute to the vocation and academic development of the learners, it is essential for various bodies to execute their mandate. General Bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive General...

make a claim about an issue of educational equity in your local context.

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Educational Equity Patsy Mink, a former Japanese-American politician, once remarked that the problem with the country’s educational system was not the lack of choices but the inequities that continued to persist well into the 21st century. Indeed, inequities are ubiquitous in every society, and the number of inequities continues to grow with human progress. However, it is very disappointing that inequities have become widespread in academic institutions where learners are expected to stand firm against such practices (Windzio 119). Institutions of learning ought to be venues where the principles of equality and compromise are inculcated in the young...